Multi Camera Optical Checking Fixture Paces Automotive Production

The Mapvision Quality Gate Inspection Cell is a optical checking fixture ideally suited to the measurement of fabricated automotive sheet metal parts. Quality Gate can measure every part feature within its optical ‘line of site’ in under 30 seconds providing a 100% part inspection solution for high volume production parts.

Multiple camera system

Mapvision uses the cameras in a completely different way than other optical metrology companies. The multi-camera technology provides paradigm changing benefits with a short image grabbing cycle allowing Quality Gate to inspect every feature of every manufactured part within the production line cycle time.

Typically 50 to 500 measurements can be taken in less than 30 seconds.

The multi-camera technology allows intelligent self-diagnosis to handle the visual errors and production instabilities. Quality Gate has no moving parts ensuring no internal drift and provides accurate measurements over the entire measurement volume.

Mapvision multi-camera technology enables accuracy of measurements with a 0.02 mm repeatability with 0.15 mm correlation to a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Mapvision is based in Helsinki, Finland and the only company in the world specializing in 100% in-line inspection of automotive body and chassis components.

Mapvision Managing Director Antti Knuuttila states “We provide our customers with a complete understanding and better control of their manufacturing processes. Mapvision sells systems, but actually, we see ourselves as partners who help our customers do their own work better. When their manufactured parts are good and their production line runs smoothly, everybody is happy.”

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