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Mobile Fixture Plates Drive Vehicle Body Component Inspection

Witte Barskamp has announced the reaching of a milestone with the supply of 1,000 structured FixBase panels to operate in quality assurance applications globally.

The Witte Barskamp FixBase panels, which are designed in a sandwich construction, offer maximum stability with a comparatively low weight and are compatible with the globally established Witte ALUFIX modular system for devices with a frame construction. FixBase can be used in combination with articulated arm measuring systems, tactile coordinate measuring machines, laser, scan or photogrammetry systems as well as on indexing or rotary tables. The addition of air bearing or roller systems result in manually operated mobile solutions. Variants with rails or friction wheel drive and transponder control offer a fully automatic loading solution. Vertical structure plates on turntables with air bearings and / or horizontal configurations on motorized rotary tables provide further freedom of movement and can be used for robot measuring cells.

The FixBase dimensions range from approximately. 1,200 x 800 x 100 mm to 10,000 x 3,000 x 800 mm.

Over a third of the 1,000 variants delivered to date are combined transport / base plates, of which 50% have been equipped with pneumatic or electric drives allowing the automated plates to commute independently between set-up and measuring stations.

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