Mobile Cobot Measuring Station Launches

GOM has announced the release of its updated GOM ScanCobot, a mobile measuring station comprising a collaborative robot, motorized rotary table and metrology software. Integrated with the optical ATOS 3D scanner the system captures quality information providing a high level of part detail. The collaborative robot is used to move the sensor automatically around the part to individual pose positions in combination with the motorized rotary table proving efficient and automatic scanning to speed-up quality control processes.

The system uses the recently launched ATOS Q sensor, which combined with the GOM ScanCobot, accelerates quality control processes for small and medium-sized parts of up to 500 mm diameter and 50kg in weight.

The ATOS Q incorporates the Triple Scan Principle, the Blue Light Equalizer and precise calibration as a self-monitoring system with active temperature management.

Shop floor metrology provides the ability to identify, analyze and eliminate production quality problems fast and the GOM ScanCobot mobile measuring station integrates into this role enabling fast and efficient 3D inspection of parts to support both manufacturing and product development processes.

The GOM ScanCobot is programmed in the virtual measuring room (VMR) of the GOM Inspect Suite. VMR is the central control and measurement planning software which configures the complete measuring procedure. CAD data is imported, together with the associated measurement plan, and all necessary sensor positions and robot paths are computed fully automatically at the push of a button. Automatic system teaching allows users to work with the system without the need for specific robot programming skills.

If the GOM Kiosk Interface is activated, parts can be measured quickly using project templates allowing the GOM ScanCobot repetitive part measuring and inspection tasks to be delegated from the measuring room to production.

Dr. Carsten Reich, Automation Department Head at GOM characterizes the GOM ScanCobot as an easy-to-use entry-level solution for automated optical 3D metrology, giving the metrologist more time for data evaluation and problem analysis. Since the ScanCobot is configured as a mobile measuring station it can easily and quickly be moved from one production location to another.

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