‘Mixed Metrology’ Adds New Dimension to Part Inspection

At the Polyworks 2018 Conference, Novi, Michigan USA, Marc Soucy, InnovMetric joint founder and CEO, introduced the 300+ delegates to the latest innovations embedded in Polyworks 2018.

As part of his keynote speech Marc reconfirmed the DNA of InnovMetric being to ‘Innovate and Maximize Customer Inspection Productivity’ with the company vision being to provide ‘Innovative Metrology Solutions’ to its customers while announcing the next big gain for users being real-time access to 3D measuring data through meaningful inspection results.

Delegates were introduced to a new and significant functional capability of Polyworks 2018 whereby a Universal Inspection Project can be created providing ‘Mixed Metrology’ allowing a part to be inspected seamlessly using different measurement devices (example – CNC CMM and a Portable Arm CMM with Laser Scanner). In addition the Polyworks 2018 Universal Inspection Project allows for the collection and input of measured data, within the inspection part program, from other measuring instruments such as Calipers and in addition the user input of part attributes (surface finish observations etc).

Traditionally separate inspection part programs are generated for each measuring device to be used during a part inspection and the measured data merged, often manually, into a single spreadsheet style reporting structure. With the launch of Polyworks 2018 the data from the selected measurement devices, during the inspection planning stage, are automatically reported into a single seamless graphical inspection report that is automatically generated.

In addition to mixed metrology project inspection planning Polyworks 2018 Universal Project implementation also provides the flexible ability for users to switch measurement devices. For example if their CNC CMM is ‘bottle-necked’ or out of service the part program can be seamlessly reconfigured to run on a portable arm CMM. In addition this newly added functionality would allow a CNC CMM to perform 100% part inspection in the Lab while a Portable Arm CMM could perform a sampling inspection of critical features on the production floor using the identical master inspection part program.

The use of a common inspection part program between a bridge CMM and a horizontal arm CMM is also possible with Polyworks 2018 allowing the the optimization of inspection equipment, eliminating duplicate CMM programming efforts and providing actionable 3D inspection data seamlessly with maximum productivity.

For more information: www.innovmetric.com