Mitutoyo Launch New Hybrid Surface Measurement Solutions

Mitutoyo Corporation has announced the release of a hybrid surface texture measuring system that can measure surface roughness and contour within one unit. Until now, Mitutoyo’s lineup of surface texture measuring systems included SURFTEST for surface roughness, CONTRACER for contour, and FORMTRACER, a hybrid for both measurements.

FORMTRACER Avant is a new series of surface texture measuring systems that integrates and rearranges these product series.

FORMTRACER Avant series is designed to be used for both surface roughness and contour measurement, made possible by exchanging the detector. The line-up consists of FORMTRACER Avant D3000/4000, a hybrid that supports surface roughness and contour measurement with one unit, FORMTRACER Avant S3000, for surface roughness measurement, and FORMTRACER Avant C3000/4000, for contour measurement. Also, S3000 and C3000/4000 can be used as hybrid instruments, similar to FORMTRACER Avant D3000/4000, by the introduction of an additional detector for contour or surface roughness measurement.

The detector is attached and detached using a thumb-turn clamp lever, facilitating quick and easy replacement without the use of tools. After replacement, the device automatically recognizes the type of contour/surface roughness detector, so there is no risk of malfunction from neglecting to operate the detector selector switch or damage to the detector due to incorrect operation.

The measurement function achieves high drive speed (X axis: max. 80 mm/s, Z2 axis: max. 30 mm/s) and high measurement speed (X axis: 30 mm/s). It is equipped with a new model remote box with a measurement part program key that provides reliable supports for preparation of measurement part programs to help improve the efficiency of measurement work.

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