Mitutoyo Launch Cantilever Shop-Floor CMM

Shop-floor coordinate measuring machines are indispensable when it comes to quick measuring immediately after machining operations.  Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer Mitutoyo has released at the Control Expo, Stuttgart, Germany its newly developed, compact CNC model ‘‘MiSTAR 555’’ that is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Inspecting 3D features during the manufacturing process minimizes reaction time for machining adjustments. CMMs that are in use in a production or shop-floor surrounding for quick checks of machined work-pieces need to offer true universality. The footprint has to be as space-saving as possible. In addition, it must not only be impervious to dust but also ensure the specified accuracy at all temperatures in a production environment. It goes without saying that it must be as user-friendly as possible for easy and quick use.

Not an easy task to accomplish, but one that has been solved by Mitutoyo – with the brand-new cantilever-type CNC 3D CMM MiSTAR 555 designed for production environments and combining automated measurement with flexibility, reliability and easy operation. A high drive speed and an excellent acceleration make for quick measuring. The specified accuracy can be accomplished between 10 and 40°C, the resolution is stated at 0,1 µm. The machine’s scale systems are highly resistant to performance degradation in harsh operating environments. Its independence from compressed air enables a positioning of the machine even in location that lack a shop air supply.

The MiSTAR 555 can not only be applied as a shop floor CMM but can also be connected to any third-party automatic loading system. It comes with touch trigger or scanning tactile probes, including stylus changer racks. Prepared measurement programs are executed after the part is located on a fixture. The new optional manual loading system ensures correct placement.

The ultra-fast Mitutoyo MiCAT Planner automatically generates measurement programs and the MCOSMOS software suite offers full inspection functionality from the simplest measurement tasks to the most complex geometries.

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