Mitutoyo Invest in Robot Software Company

Mitutoyo Corporation has acquired new shares of Linkwiz Inc. (“Linkwiz”) through a third-party allocation of shares with other companies. Mitutoyo has stated we “will combine Mitutoyo’s measuring and inspection technology with Linkwiz’s robotics technology to contribute solving issues in manufacturing.”

Established in 2015, Linkwiz develops and sells control system software with proprietary algorithms for industrial robots. Linkwiz’s main products, L-ROBOT, a control software for robots that perform operations such as welding and coating, and L-QUALIFY, a production-line inspection software, have already been adopted by major companies including auto manufacturers.

The software developed by Linkwiz is compatible with a wide variety of robots and sensors from any manufacturer, making it easy to integrate into existing production lines. In the future, Linkwiz plans to link L-ROBOT and L-QUALIFY data to drive the development of L-FACTORY, a platform designed to improve overall factory efficiency and quality.

Linkwiz web-site states “Robots are good at programmed simple tasks but they are not flexible. For example, when the position of the target workpiece is misaligned or the shape is different, the robot often cannot cope with the change. L-ROBOT and L-QUALIFY are software which the robot itself think, correct its movement and provide new value.  LINKWIZ’s “LINK” means “connect robots and people” and “WIZ” comes from wizard. The idea is that we want to provide a magical technique that everyone can operate robots easily.

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