Mitutoyo Enter CT Inspection Market

Mitutoyo Corporation has signed a marketing agreement with analytical, measuring instrument and industrial machinery manufacturing company Shimadzu Corporation. Mitutoyo will add Shimadzu Corporation’s dimensional X-ray CT system XDimensus 300 to its sales line-up in Japan.

XDimensus 300 is the flagship model, boasting the highest level of accuracy,, with a maximum permissible indication error of ±3.8 to 9.8 μm (depending on the measured dimensions). Mitutoyo’s forte, coordinate measuring machines, offer precision contact and non-contact measurement of the external geometries, thereby complementing the non-destructive internal measurement provided by the dimensional X-ray CT system.

Through this agreement, customers benefit from a line-up of Shimadzu Corporation’s dimensional X-ray CT system and Mitutoyo’s coordinate measuring machines through one company for all products required to measure both internal and external geometries. Going forward, Mitutoyo and Shimadzu Corporation will broadly expand their cooperation, increasing the range of products in their marketing agreement, undertaking collaborative development, and cultivating overseas sales channels.

By signing a business alliance agreement for the CT product, which integrates Shimadzu Corporation’s over 120 years of X-ray inspection and analysis technology, Mitutoyo will enhance its offerings for quality management against the backdrop of dramatic evolution of the manufacturing environment.

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