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Mitutoyo Closes Brazilian Manufacturing Plant

Mitutoyo has announced on it Japanese web-site the closure of its Suzano, San Paulo, Brazil factory as part of Mitutoyo Sul Americana Ltda. business restructuring.

The factory was opened in May 1974 and in October 2020 was reported to operate with 61 employees. At the time of opening in 1974 the Suzano factory became the first Mitutoyo factory outside of Japan. The 16,000m² plant was reported to have been manufacturing products including mechanical and digital calipers and coordinate measuring machines.

Mitutoyo further reported that the closure is in order to strengthen the management base of Mitutoyo Sul Americana Ltda., and to bolster optimal global manufacturing of products through selection and consolidation. Manufacturing of products handled at the factory are being transferred to sites in China and Japan.

The company announcement also states that Mitutoyo Sul Americana Ltda. will continue to strengthen local technical support and solution engineering capabilities, and to supply products and services to customers in Brazil and throughout the South America region.

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