Minerva Metrology Appoint General Manager

Henk de Lange has been appointed as General Manager of Minerva Metrology & Calibration. Over the last 2 years Minerva has aligned its organization with its strategic growth initiatives; its next major milestone being the appointment of a third senior management team member.

Henk de Lange joined Minerva in 2015 as an interim professional to reorganize the internal processes, which resulted in a reliable lead time and clear responsibilities of all team members. From July 2017 he has been appointed General Manager .

The Minerva team has been growing quickly in the last few years allowing the company to address both national and international expansion in calibration & repair services, Fluke and Minerva product provision and training & consultancy. Minerva continues to expand its innovative service and product offerings to a growing market.

Minerva Metrology is focused on providing premium calibration services, ensuring carefree traceability for customers with ambition to become renown worldwide as a high-end partner in metrology.

For more information: www.minerva-calibration.com