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“Mind The Gap” – Locomotive Manufacturer Opts for 2D Scanning Measurements

When a leading train manufacturer was required to take gap and flush measurements in the interiors of their trains to maximize aesthetics, they opted for Third Dimension’s non-contact, precision measurement tool, GapGun Pro2.

The GapGun Pro2 was required for use on all metal and plastic panels within the train interiors, ensuring the gap and flush was controlled and were visually appealing. Using the GapGun meant not only was the time taken to check each panel considerably reduced, but also problems could be rectified well ahead of completion.

“We were delighted with the efficiency of the GapGun Pro2 device” explained the Head of Production. “Just like the functionality, the visual aesthetics of our trains are hugely important and being able to take the important measurements both quickly and accurately was a big boost for us”. Training for the GapGun Pro2 device was delivered remotely with great success due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, so the operators could get started as soon as possible.

The GapGun Pro2 continues to gain more interest from the locomotive industry due to its advantages over traditional manual gauges. The GapGun Pro2 provides locomotive manufacturers with both increased speed and accuracy, full traceability of their measurements, more repeatable measurements and eliminates potential for human error.

“With the increased demand for public transport to reduce global carbon emissions, achieving the correct measurements quickly and accurately is more important than ever” explains Callum Williams-York, Territory Sales Engineer at Third Dimension. “Both interior and exterior measurements including the measurement of carriage doors are being made easier by non-contact precision measurement tools”.

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