Metromeet International Forum to Discuss QIF Implementation

The 13th edition of Metromeet concluded with the constitution of an international forum for discussion on the implementation of the QIF standard in the industry.

Metromeet recently concluded a 3 day international conference event with the constitution of a forum that will allow important representatives of the Industry to share developments and ideas about QiF. The 13th conference hosted the principle executives from the metrology industry including attendees from Innovalia Metrology, Metrosage, Capvidia, PWC, Novo Nordisk, Renishaw and Autodesk.

Metromeet has once again been recognized as the most important industrial conference of the year, bringing together representatives from different international universities and other technology centers such as IAC, Fraunhofer IPT, IK4-Tekniker and the German PTB. Sponsored by Innovalia Metrology, Renishaw, Faro and Zeiss, this 13th edition of Metromeet had innovative content of significant interest allowing debate about the importance of metrology on the path to Industry 4.0.

The inauguration of the Conference was chaired by Maurizio Ercole and Toni Ventura who shared the Metromeet guidelines and the goals of the conference. Toni Ventura shared his perception and the potential of the event. “During my professional career, I have been fortunate to attend numerous Conferences, but Metromeet offers us the perspective of manufacturers, users and researchers in the same environment” commented Ventura. Maurizio Ercole, Metromeet’s official Chairman and father of the CMMs, shared with the audience his vision of the importance of metrology in the current panorama.

One of the most anticipated speakers, Daniel Campbell (Texas, USA), gave the audience the opportunity to discover the challenges, applications and influence of the QiF (Quality Information Framework) standard in the future of Industry 4.0. Daniel’s Tutorial became a reference point in Metromeet 2017, establishing guidelines for constant dialogue with attendees. Attendees and speakers highlighted the theme as an object of interest and lay the basis for continuing the debate and development, not only in the next Metromeet, but in round tables that the organization will prepare throughout the year.

After discussing such topics as hybrid measurement, QIF, inspection for additive manufacturing, software solutions for 3D printing and the future of Big Data in Industry 4.0, Metromeet ended the first day of the Conference introducing the topics of the second day of Conference: “Metrological requirements of the Institute of Astrophysics ” “Metrology 4.0 for Industry 4.0” and a real-time demonstration of M3 Software, the Multisensor Metrology Software of Innovalia Metrology.

Metromeet achieved during the two conference days to draw conclusions on the main requirements of the sector and discuss the future of metrology with professionals with different perceptions and different experiences. The international character of Metromeet has once again offered the possibility of crossing borders and establishing a work bond  between the United States and the main European countries that will increase exponentially the innovation and consensus in the metrology field.

Metromeets’s organization offered a leisure space where sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and assistants shared developments and trajectories. Sponsored by Watify, an European Commission initiative, in this space Metromeet offered  a brief presentation by the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development), providing details on international opportunities for the realization of advanced manufacturing projects.

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