Metromeet Industrial Metrology Conference Call for Papers

At the conclusion of the 13th edition of Metromeet it was agreed to allow important representatives of the industrial metrology Industry to share developments and ideas about the QiF standard (Quality Information Framework). Metromeet is now calling on industrial metrology experts to share their knowledge of QIF and other metrology topics at the 14th edition of Metromeet.

The 14th edition of Metromeet, the International Conference on Industrial Metrology will be held in Bilbao, in the Euskalduna Palace, during the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of March 2018. During this event the international leaders in the Industrial sector will share how to optimize production processes, produce with zero defects and how to step into Industry 4.0.

The call for speakers will remain open until November 17th 2017. The speaker application instructions will be detailed in the Metromeet website. Being a Metromeet speaker brings the opportunity to join different experts from all around the world. Attending and participating in Metromeet is also a great opportunity to establish contact with directors and high profile people in the quality control field. The international Metromeet Committee will evaluate and value those papers with real experiences, methods and new technologies applied to real processes.

The Metromeet organization will choose the 2018 speakers among the papers received.

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