MetrologyWorks Announces Kinematic XR Probes

MetrologyWorks has announce the release of its new line of Kinematic XR Probes which include onboard smart electronics and are fully compatible with the recently released FARO® Quantum S, FARO® Quantum M, and  FARO® Quantum E model portable CMM arms. The XR series probes feature an extra rigid (XR) stainless steel body which decreases deflection vs. the OEM aluminum body design. XR series probes for FARO® Quantum arms also offer MetrologyWorks® Rhino carbide shank and a unique clearance end profile that allows you to get closer to the part and deeper into features using standard length ball probes like the 6mm and 3mm balls that come standard with FARO® Quantum arms.

With the new kinematic seat, you only calibrate the probe once; the next time you attach it, the FARO® Quantum recognizes the XR probe and you are ready to measure. The standard ball material is Zircon (zirconia) just like the OEM version, however MetrologyWorks® also offers the line of XR probes with hardened 440c stainless balls for customers who are performing intense contact scanning on aluminum surfaces.

The XR probes are precision machined in the USA using the latest technology and are hand assembled, inspected and tested to ensure that every probe delivers repeatable performance and accuracy.

“So many customers had contacted us asking for more probe configurations for their new FARO® Quantum arm that it became apparent we needed to extend our current offering to be compatible with the new Quantum arms so, through design and rigorous testing, we produced an extra rigid product that deliver,” stated MetrologyWorks President Joel Gorden.

The Kinematic XR probes for FARO® Quantum S, M and E models are available for immediate shipping.

MetrologyWorks® specializes in making hi-performance measurement accessories that meet the needs of its portable CMM users.

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