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Metrology – The Universal Language of Manufacturing

With all of the comments received through Linkedin over past days congratulating Metrology News on its 4th anniversary since launch, back in late 2016, we were reminded of just how international the readership of the Metrology News platform has become, and how we are all united with the common language of manufacturing metrology.

Today we live in a world with few communication hurdles, and as a consequence, no longer required to read news from just our respective country or region. Google has provided us with outstanding translation tools, not perfect but adequate, to read an article originally written in some other language. Articles on the Metrology News platform can be dynamically translated into more than 100 languages using the Google tool.

Few companies involved in supplying metrology tools and equipment have a purely domestic agenda today. Most recognising the potential that exists outside of national borders and their ability to solve the identical domestic customer issues on a global scale.  With metrology set to become centric and closing the loop in ‘smart manufacturing’, driven by the Industry 4.0 agenda, the profile of this universal manufacturing language is set to dramatically increase resulting in new technologies, new solutions and much more knowledge and information to be absorbed as we all stay current.

Looking at readership statistics for 2020 to-date we can report the following geographical breakdown: USA – 29%, Germany – 10%, United Kingdom – 8.4%; India – 6.2%, Japan – 4.4%, France – 3.4%, Canada – 3.4%, Italy – 2.5%; Spain – 2.3%; Netherlands – 2.1%; South Korea – 1.6%; China – 1.6% while all others countries make up 25.1% of readership clearly demonstrating that interest in metrology is truly global and is the universal language of manufacturing.

With in excess of half a million page views in 2020 the Metrology News platform continues to grow with a 46% increase in readership year to date. We look forward continuing to deliver the latest news in a timely manner in 2021 to our global readership partners.

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