Metrology Technology To Give American Magic Competitive Edge

Creaform has worked with many global customers over the years to leverage the tremendous potential of portable 3D measurement solutions to address a wide spectrum of product development challenges and opportunities.  While 3D scanning isn’t magic scanning technology have definitely worked their magic on Creaform’s latest prestigious project with New York Yacht Club American Magic, a sailing marvel.

American Magic is the US Challenger for the 36th Americas Cup – the pinnacle of competitive sailing and the oldest event in international sports. First contested in 1851, the America’s Cup predates the modern Olympic Games by 45 years. The next race will take place in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2021.

American Magic called upon Creaform to become the official 3D Measurement Technologies Supplier for the team’s 75-foot monohull, which is capable of speeds of over 50 knots and will race for the America’s Cup.

Developed using aerospace technology from Airbus, which is a clear-cut advantage for sailing, the monohull is certainly a sight to behold; when it reaches a certain speed, it undergoes an astonishing transformation: it literally rises up on hydrofoils and flies across the water. According to sailing connoisseurs, the sport has never before seen a large-scale fully foiling monohull.

Designing the monohull to ensure an unprecedented competitive edge was no small feat, simply due to a major limitation of time. American Magic needed to bring together pros from a variety of different fields across the globe to address the monohull’s engineering and production challenges—all while meeting each critical milestone.

Using Metrology Technology To Give American Magic A Competitive Edge

Creaform’s metrology team worked with engineers and sailing experts from around the world to scan high-end carbon fibre components and carry out advanced analyses to determine how they inter reacted with each other, how they impacted the monohull’s performance, and what changes had to be made.

Throughout the project, Creaform used its HandySCAN 3D, MaxSHO T3D, MetraSCAN 3D and HandyPROBE CMM to build and design intricate components of a variety of different sizes directly on site.

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