Metrology Solutions For The Smart Factory Showcased

The digital revolution profoundly transformed the way in which we communicate, in which we stay informed. It also changes the way industry manufactures products. Metrologic Group recently showcased ‘metrology solutions for the smart factory’ at the recent 2018 Global Industrie exhibition in Paris. Metrology solutions that are already being adopted by global manufacturing groups around the world.

Quality measurement will be key to the smart factory. Today, it is merely limited to quality checks at the end of the manufacturing chain, or in the best-case scenario, to a parallel but independent inspection process. “Quality measurement should control production continuously, and thus allow for adjustments to be made at each step of the process, from product development to manufacturing and final assembly. It’s already the case for several of our clients,” says Bertrand Gili, Metrologic Group President. “In some factories, quality even measures tool wear and has them changed before manufactured parts become out of tolerance.”

Metrologic presentations will include a robotized measuring cell that is both a mobile and flexible solution, fully driven by the Metrolog X4 i-Robot metrology software. The robot cell comprises a Kuka IIWA Cobot and a Faro Cobalt structured light scanner mounted on a mobile cart. The Metrolog X4 i-Robot universally manages robot trajectories, data acquisition, and instantly tracks and displays the measurement results. “This solution highlights our 4.0 industry approach. It offers a tool that is super-adaptable to and interactive with the production line,” says Bertrand Gili.

Metrologic Group designs and develops its 3D measurement solutions with this vision of the key role of quality measurement in productivity and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes in mind. “Our software solutions are universal –that means they are efficient for all kinds of applications, with any measuring tool– and capable to integrate seamlessly and to communicate in network organizations”, says Bertrand Gili.

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