Metrology Services Company 10 Year Anniversary

API Services is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Founded in 2008, API Services provides personalized three-dimensional laser tracker scanning and calibration services to customers in industries ranging from aerospace to shipbuilding. API Services operate out of a state-of-the-art calibration lab in Newport News, Virginia with a team of experienced Service Engineers who travel the globe to meet customer needs.

API Services can support with every step in the manufacturing process. They can scan a prototype part to create a model for mass production, inspect the first pieces off the production line to ensure conformance,  perform spot checks throughout the manufacturing process, reverse engineer old parts to return them to service, and calibrate machine tools and robots to check for inaccuracies and compensate their errors. At their Calibration Lab in Newport News the company calibrate API’s Radian Laser Tracker series, and can also certify other tracker brands.

The secret is the people of API Services. “If I count it up, we probably have more than 300 years of metrology experience across our team,” said Ron Hicks, VP of Global Services for API. “With that kind of experience, they’re able to adapt very quickly on an inspection and identify solutions that help the customer get results with their process”.

API Services pairs that experience with API’s top of the line products. “Our service engineers use our products, all of them. They use the Radian trackers and SMR’s including the latest hand-held vProbe and all of our Machine Tool Calibration (MTC) products, providing a tremendous recommendation for our products,” Ron Hicks added. “Supporting our technical experts are API’s Engineering Team with 25 people having multiple Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor Degrees.

I’m really excited to bring API’s equipment to more manufacturers throughout the world. API Services has been providing tailored metrology applications for a decade and ready to support customers from all industries usher in the next one.”

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