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Metrology Sampling Optimizer Software Launched

INFICON has introduced its Metrology Sampling Optimizer (MSO) which uses real time data and factory conditions to determine what material to measure to reduce scrap risk and optimize measurement capacity allocation. Utilizing user-defined rules that leverage practical constraints and real time information, MSO decides when to measure specific material as a function of tool jeopardy, sampling coverage goals and real time process health information like SPC trends and FDC state of health. The sampling plans update in real time to manage sampling for the entire facility and guarantee continuously relevant results amidst the dynamic conditions of the facility. This is critical to meeting the requirements set by the automotive industry, which are driving towards zero shipped defects to support safe autonomous vehicles.

Legacy sampling systems are limited; they apply rules in isolation and fail to adapt to important tool events and changing factory conditions causing operational inefficiencies. MSO minimizes sampling by evaluating all related rules whenever a rule triggers sampling. All related rules that would be cleared by a single measurement are reset even though they may not be due yet. MSO is integrated with INFICON’s Smart Digital Twin and leverages its Factory Scheduler to provide additional features and superior excursion management.

Integration with INIFCON’s Factory Digital Twin,  Factory Scheduling System, and Advanced Process Control Systems allows MSO to drive critical or blocking material through measurement as quickly as possible. Integration with Fault Detection Systems, such as FabGuard FDC, or Excursion Management Systems is done to identify material that could be at risk when a defect excursion occurs. This accelerates identification of at-risk material and minimizes the impact of excursions.

MSO also provides simple to interpret dashboards which help engineers determine their metrology and defect scan coverage, the mean time to excursion detection, and the number of at-risk lots or substrates. The MSO Dashboard enables immediate action to manage sampling and excursions.

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