Metrology News On-Line Launches to a Global Audience

Metrology.News is focused on satisfying the demand for a single internet site showcasing all that is new in the  world of dimensional measurement globally. Metrology.News e-zine has been launched to satisfy a market not currently being served by traditional regional magazines or their on-line web versions.

Both Lite and inviting

Publishing Editor Keith Mills is a 40 year veteran of the industrial metrology market and well qualified to serve the global measurement and quality control community by bringing the very latest news and information in a format that is both lite and inviting for busy professionals.

Singular metrology focus to a global audience

Mills states “the metrology industry has incredible global dynamics continuing its fast-paced innovation and technological advancements as it readies itself to support the upcoming Industry 4.0. Unfortunately the traditional media offerings have limited focus on bringing a singular focus to a global audience”. This is the space that the e-zine is focussed on supporting and delivering. Tell us what you think; we welcome your feedback.”

News stories will be added daily providing a dynamic update and will showcase new product introductions, technology, innovation, people, customer applications, industry trends and sector dynamics.