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Metrology News has published over 50 articles this month bringing metrology professionals the very latest metrology news, trends and articles. Despite July being the start of the summer holiday period there has still be plenty of news to report. July is also the start of the anticipated financial reporting season for publicly traded metrology companies, several having already reported. Initial results appear to indicate that although there is softening of the automotive and electronics sectors in China, the industry appears to remain on track for another strong year. This month saw the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon; as we look back in awe of the technological achievement we could not help to think what the state-of-the-art was back then for metrology equipment used to oversee the critical components that compromised the Apollo program. Enjoy the read!

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Primitive Metrology Tools Supported Moon Landing

Man first walked on the moon on July 20th 1969. The Apollo program was a huge feat of engineering and resulted in many new technologies and products coming to market. Apollo stimulated numerous areas of technology, leading to over 1,800 spin-off products, these include the CAT scanner, computer microchip, cordless … more info

3D Scanning Captures Apollo 11 Command Module

Few accomplishments of human ingenuity and ambition in recent history captured our collective attention as completely as when we took our first steps on the moon, 50 years ago this year. People can recall exactly where they were, and how they felt, when they watched Neil Armstrong descend the ladder … more info

Artificial Intelligence Embedded Into Production

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise in automotive production. Since 2018, the BMW Group has been using various AI applications in series production. One focus is automated image recognition: In these processes, artificial intelligence evaluates component images in ongoing production and compares them in milliseconds to hundreds of other … more info

Enhanced Robot Calibration Improves Programmed Path Performance

Cole Technologies, Inc, located in Columbus, Indiana, are a certified Universal Robots system integrator supplying automation systems specializing in pick and place, deburring, and plastic part trimming applications. One recent project involved the deflashing of molded parts where a more accurate robot path was deemed necessary.   Cole Technologies contracted API Services … more info

Fast Inline Multi-Projection 3D Sensor Launched

Keyence has launched in Japan its new XG-X series of inline 3D sensors. Keyence claim industry’s first high-speed controlled 4 flood projector and telecentric lens offering a 9.44 million pixel camera with Keyence’s unique projection algorithm achieving high-precision 3D inspection. The XG-X inspects the whole field of vision … more info

Portable Arm High-Productivity 3D Laser Scanner Launched

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched the RS6 Laser Scanner, a cutting-edge 3D laser scanner for the new generation of Absolute Arm portable measuring arm systems that was launched in 2018. This new scanner offers extremely high-density point-cloud data collection at high speeds and high accuracy. The RS6 delivers unmatched productivity … more info


Electric Vehicles Drive Transition to Flexible Gauging

Renishaw has delivered several thousand Equator gauging systems to global customers over the last few years, with extensive presence in all the European, American and Asian automotive markets. Significant investment in research and an increase in Electric Vehicle (EV) production has generated additional inspection requirements where Equator gauging systems have … more info

Robotic High-Definition Feature Scanner Launched

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched its APODIUS Absolute Camera AAC, a camera-based sensor designed for the fine analysis of large numbers of small repetitive features such as the drill-hole formations often found in large aerospace components. The sensor is specifically intended for integration within an automated robotic inspection system … more info

Large Scale 3D Printer Uses Internal Robot Skeleton For Precision

London, UK based Ai Build is a company developing Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technologies for large scale additive manufacturing enabling the development of a highly efficient on-demand economy. Ai Build is bringing disruptive autonomous large scale 3D printing technology into a wide range of industrial applications empowering factories of the … more info

Force Measurement And Material Testing Of Critical Components

Ensuring accuracy by force measurement and material testing is a necessary requirement in every industry. For instance, consider the force required to tap a smartphone screen or push buttons on a remote control. Most of us do these things without thinking, but even for every day devices … more info

BMW Drive New Roads With VR and AR

The BMW Group Production focuses increasingly on trendsetting, easy-to-use and effective virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality applications. VR images, or artificially created images, are ever more realistic and hard to distinguish from real pictures. In AR applications, illustrations complement real images. AR and VR images can be viewed in … more info

Improved Digital Video Comparator Performance

The L.S. Starrett Co., has introduced a new generation of its HDV300 and HDV400 benchtop Digital Video Comparators with impressive speed increases and improved illumination, design and convenience enhancements. motion on the new HDV systems is significantly faster, enabling even greater user measurement throughput. At 10mm/ sec., speed on the … more info

API Strengthens Metrology Services With Acquisition of Exact Laser

Automated Precision, Inc (API) has today announced the acquisition of Exact Laser Measurements, Inc a leading provider of portable metrology services to the North America Automotive and Aerospace sectors. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Windsor Canada, with subsidiary operations in Detroit, Exact Laser Measurements provides Laser Tracker, Portable Arm … more info

Metrologic Restructures Metrolog X4 Performance And Affordability

French metrology software developer Metrologic Group has an annual turnover of over EUR 45 million with offices and resellers located throughout the world. With thousands of licenses of the latest Metrolog X4 software in daily use, throughout all major manufacturing industries, Metrologic Group was acquired by Sandvik Group in 2018, … more info

3D Scanning For Exclusive Design

Distinguished bodywork design combined with a stylish interior and enhanced engine performance at the highest level is the quality commitment mission of the famed German automobile tuning company Mansory. An experienced car tuning team develops and produces individually designed styling kits for the exterior and interior features of premium class automobiles. … more info

Seeing The Big Picture

Microinjection-molded components have become increasingly important in information and communication technology, medical technology and the automotive industry. GOM has reacted to this with a new measuring area for its ATOS Capsule sensor, adapted to very small structures, which is able to resolve structures in the range of 10 µm. Microsystems technology is … more info


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