Metrology Platform Draws One Hundred Thousand Visitors

Following its launch one year ago has clocked up an amazing 103,112 visitors to the site.

With metrology becoming ever more critical in the advanced manufacturing economy metrology technology is centric to Industry 4.0. As metrology moves from its traditional post manufacturing era to becoming integral to the manufacturing process metrology solutions provide the necessary intellect to ensuring quality production processes.

Visitor geographical breakdown to demonstrates just how global the metrology focus has become:

USA 33% | UK 10.5% | Germany 8.5% | Canada 3.5% | France 3.4% | Italy 2.6% | Spain 2.5% | China 2.4% | India 2.3% | Japan 1.9% | South Korea 1.5% | Switzerland 1.4% | Poland 1.4% | Russia 1.4% ….

Metrology.News has published more than 450 articles since launch bringing the latest products, applications, trends and industry news to its audience.

We welcome your feedback on and how we may better serve the metrology and manufacturing sector as we further develop the metrology media platform.