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Applied Industrial Metrology Masterclass

A five day in depth course, focused entirely on Applied Industrial Metrology and how it can be utilized to support quality and productivity in business is being run by the UK’s Coventry University’s Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) between 22-26 June 2020. Candidate numbers are limited so that everyone gets the appropriate time on equipment and to engage with the teaching team.

This five-day course is focused on industrial dimensional measurement and covers four core knowledge areas: application of metrology principles, measurement and metrology assessment, continuous improvement in metrology systems and principles behind measurement equipment technologies, sensors and measurement techniques:

  • The application of metrology principles using a variety of typical equipment looking at good practice and pitfalls
  • Measurement and metrology assessment, management tools, related metrology organisations and international standards
  • Continuous improvement and waste reduction in metrology systems and processes
  • The scientific principles behind measurement equipment technologies, sensors and measurement techniques

The course is to be taught by lecturers who have extensive industry knowledge and expertise in real world metrology using a variety of blended learning including lectures and activity sessions.

Intended Course Outcome

  • A broad and proficient level of understanding of the core underpinning principles of effective measurement and metrology
  • How to achieve confidence and sustainability in the measurement result
  • Selecting appropriate equipment and strategies for measurement
  • Learning good practice and getting hands on use of a variety of first principle and coordinate measuring systems related to various industrial sectors

The course is designed for roles relating to quality / production / manufacturing engineers with responsibility for facilitating and managing measurement processes and metrology tools and technical input into the purchasing of metrology equipment. It also meets the needs of metrology equipment technical sales / applications and measurement contract services providers.

The Metrology for Productivity Team at Coventry University are passionate about Metrology’s place in modern manufacturing, and understand the linkages between good measurement and good manufacturing. The approach combines the core knowledge of a leading mechanical engineering University, with the experience of metrology experts who have practical industry experience. The University mission is to use good metrology to unlock the benefits and reduce the waste, often masked in a company.

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