Metrology Fixture Tables Now Available

R&R have released a range of Metrology Fixture Tables. The Metrology fixture table is designed for fixturing parts and the mounting of portable CMM’s used with tactile and 3D laser scanning sensors.  the R & R tables have a rigid extruded aluminum structure and are able to hold without distortion the part weight for any size, material or shaped part under inspection. Standard table sizes are:

  • 48″ (width) x 72″ (length) x 36″ (height)
  • 60″ (width) x 96″ (length) x 36″ (height)

The R&R Metrology Fixture Tables are economical and available in many sizes to fit all fixturing needs. Customers can select English or Metric threaded plate for locating and elevating the part off the table surface allowing for full inspection of the part whether using touch probe or laser sensor.  R&R also offers a large range of fixturing components for use with the Metrology Tables.

R&R metrology table provide the ability to move completely around the table for part measurement and can also be supplied with casters to improve flexibility by easy relocation to a new measurement location .  Each table comes standard with leveling feet for table height ajdustment making it an economical way to hold and fixture large parts.

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