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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – September 7th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

High-Speed Optical CMM Offers Fast Blade Inspection

Turbine blade inspection can be challenging – the ability to inspect features, leading-edge surfaces, root geometry, and cooling holes is crucial. The new UMA Blade from 3D Infotech integrates a high precision blue laser line sensor, a high-speed 3D scanner with advanced optics to deliver superior data quality on micro-features … read more

Multi-Sensor Vision System Equipped With Dual Optical Systems

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced the new AVX550 Multi-Sensor Vision System equipped with dual optical systems and touch-probe capability to measure parts with a diverse range of feature sizes and geometries. The Large Format AVX550 System can be equipped with two cameras and lenses to be used sequentially in … read more

Machine Tool Measurement of Wall Thickness for Wet Applications

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has enhanced its ground-breaking ultrasonic probe for automated wall thickness measurement on machine tools with the launch of two new versions designed for wet machining. The innovative ultrasonic touch probe from Hexagon for measuring thickness directly on the machine tool has secured success for significantly reducing inspection … read more

3D Metrology Supports Steel Mill Electric-Arc Furnace Replacement

Electric-arc furnaces are complex assemblies, with sub-assemblies aligned to each other to ensure the main functions of the furnace: loading the metals, heating to melt the steel, and pour the melted steel into a ladle. To achieve this, the furnace is composed of 2 main structures: the tilting base and … read more

Transmission Manufacturer Upgrades QA, Partners with OEM on New Heavy-Duty CMM

Lean thinking focuses on ways to add value without wasting resources. Benjamin Franklin captured the idea in ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack,’ when he said, “He that idly loses five shillings worth of time, loses five shillings and might as prudently throw five shillings into the river.” At Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America … read more

Digital Manufacturing Drives Flexible Automotive Production

Flexible, digital, efficient and sustainable: Factory 56 embodies the future of production at Mercedes-Benz and sets new standards for the automotive industry. With an investment of approximately 730 million Euros, the factory at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, is a clear commitment to Germany as a business location. In total, … read more

Pop Up Metrology Roadshow To Visit 14 States in USA and Canada

Bruker Alicona has announced the hosting of a roadshow in USA and Canada which will visit over 20 cities, from September to November, providing exclusive demonstrations of their optical metrology equipment. The roadshow will be organized under consideration of COVID regulations. For a total of 7 weeks, Bruker Alicona will be … read more

A.I. For Smarter Factories – The World of Industrial Artificial Intelligence

As the digital age moves forward, it’s becoming impossible to avoid interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Computer assistants and AIs perform an ever-growing range of tasks that are broadly intended to improve our quality of life. This extends to industry as well. But first, what do we mean by artificial … read more

The Value of Shop Floor Analytics

Manufacturing success has always required the careful collection and analysis of data. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, shops have been performing increasingly sophisticated analyses of their operations to gain a competitive edge or develop new innovations. Indeed, the manufacturing handbooks and manuals found … read more

Deep Learning Powered Smart Camera For Complex In-Line Inspection Challenges

Cognex Corporation  recently introduced the In-Sight D900 embedded vision system. A first-of-its kind solution, the In-Sight D900 features Cognex’s ViDi deep learning software inside an In-Sight industrial-grade smart camera. The self-contained system is designed to solve a broad range of complex in-line inspection applications including optical character recognition (OCR), assembly … read more

Zeiss Acquire 3D Measurement Services Company

With effect from September 1st 2020, 3D-CT A/S of Denmark has been taken over by Carl Zeiss A/S to become part of ZEISS Nordics. 3D-CT is a measurement services company offering tactile CMM measurement and structured light and CT scanning. The three founders of 3D-CT, Lars Brøndbjerg, Kim Mortensen and Frank Nielsen, … read more

A Matter of Metrics – Key Metrics & Factors for Developing Robust 3D Imaging Solutions

3D Imaging is Everywhere 3D point cloud image capture and RGB-Z color images are becoming indispensable tools for a wide range of applications. From Apple’s FaceID™ to industrial machine vision, in-car infotainment, and situationally aware home robots, a variety of 3D imaging methods are making their way into our devices, our … read more

Mitutoyo Open Largest M3 Solution Center

Mitutoyo Corporation have constructed a new three-story Solutions Building to expand and enhance showroom functions and reinforce the calibration business as part of the first phase of its Utsunomiya operations redevelopment plan. The M3 Solution Center UTSUNOMIYA, previously has been capable of conducting demonstrations of coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and … read more

Jig Reference System Created to Correct Inherent Fixture Errors

Cargo doors on large modern aircraft are massively complex projects, requiring exacting production and precise assembly of hundreds of small parts. To keep all of these parts in place during assembly (and ensure accurate alignment), large assembly fixtures are required. The fixtures themselves need to be designed and produced to … read more