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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – September 21st

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Improved vProbe Offers Production Floor CMM Measurements

The new and improved API vProbe tactile measuring sensor provides the ability to perform accurate CMM-style measurements directly on the production floor. Integrated with the API Radian Laser Tracker series, vProbe significantly enhances the measuring capabilities and functionalities of traditional Laser Trackers. vProbe is a wireless, hand-held, lightweight, tactile probe with … read more

VIA Software For Quality Inspection in Manufacturing

Vision AI software company, Neurala, has announced the launch of its Neurala VIA (Vision Inspection Automation) Authorized Partner program, to help manufacturers leverage the power of vision AI to improve quality inspection and adapt to fluctuating consumer demand. Neurala VIA Authorized Partners are a global network of integrators and distributors … read more

Inline Robotic Surface Finish Inspection

The inline control of surface roughness and micro structures is very often a huge challenge. Many available solutions are fast and can pace production but do not offer the necessary resolution. Others require a sophisticated anti-vibration system. The smartWLI extend range sensor combines all of the necessary requirement for fast, … read more

Metrology Services Supporting Manufacturing Sector

With manufacturing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic so is the funding for capital equipment and some manufacturing programs are relying on metrology services to bridge the gap until budgets are back in order for projects requiring re-tooling. According to Bryan Lowe, Director of Sales & Marketing at HDH Labs in … read more

Mobile Fixture Plates Drive Vehicle Body Component Inspection

Witte Barskamp has announced the reaching of a milestone with the supply of 1,000 structured FixBase panels to operate in quality assurance applications globally. The Witte Barskamp FixBase panels, which are designed in a sandwich construction, offer maximum stability with a comparatively low weight and are compatible with the globally established … read more

Hybrid Light Source Handheld 3D Scanners Launched

SHINING 3D has added a new line of handheld color 3D scanners to its proven EinScan Series. The new EinScan H and HX handheld color 3D scanners are adding a new dimension of 3D scanning capacity to the EinScan portfolio. Based on many years of profound experience in 3D vision technology … read more

Smart 3D Metrology Digital Ecosystem Conference

Innovmetric has announced a virtual conference event, as an alternative to it annual conference that was cancelled earlier in the year due to the COVID pandemic. The conference is schedule for 30th September 2020. The virtual conference will provide the opportunity to learn more about the PolyWorks Smart 3D Metrology Digital … read more

Optical Measuring Cell Efficiency Enhanced by Lift and Swivel Fixture System

A large automotive OEM recently faced measuring challenges: Measure in vehicle position? Ergonomic setup? Large number of components, only one measuring area and no storage space for individual measuring devices? The customer found what it was looking for at German measuring solutions provider topometric GmbH. For some time now, the lift … read more

New ‘Eyes’ Visual Inspection Features Reduce Cycle Times

Traditional single-purpose industrial robots are losing ground to affordable, easy to use robots and peripherals that can be flexibly redeployed for a wide range of applications. This empowers manufacturers to gain even greater productivity increases from their automation investments. OnRobot is extending its commitment to ongoing customer empowerment with the recent … read more

Accolade For Fully Automated Inline Micro CT

Waygate Technologies (formerly GE Inspection Technologies) has earned the Best Practices and Global Market Leadership Award for Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Solutions 2020 from Frost & Sullivan, an international consulting and research firm which helps businesses improve their products and services as well as better align with market requirements. Frost & … read more

Manufacturing Execution System as Central Element of Digitalization Strategy

In the context of their company-wide project “Smart Factory”, TRISA AG from Triengen, Switzerland, one of the global leading providers of products for oral care, hair care and beauty care, decided to implement the Manufacturing Execution Systems ZEISS GUARDUS. After a very intensive evaluation phase of over 30 providers, the MES … read more

New Trimos Business Unit Offers Portable 3D Metrology Solutions

Trimos has created a new business unit, named TRIMOS 3D, to focus on 3D measuring products that are used directly on the manufacturing floor. TRIMOS 3D is represented by two product lines namely the A-Line Portable Measuring Arms and the C-Line Portable CMM. Both portable 3D measuring instruments are ideal for … read more

Whitepaper Offers Insight Into Solutions For Quality Inspection

Inspekto, the pioneer of Autonomous Machine Vision, has released a whitepaper on the future of quality assurance in the industrial automation market. The paper addresses the needs of automation vendors and distributors who wish to add the first off-the-shelf product for industrial vision inspection to their portfolio. Industrial automation vendors provide … read more

Hexagon Releases QUINDOS 2020.2

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence has released QUINDOS 2020.2, the latest version of the highly flexible and powerful measurement software catering for a range of applications from standard inspection, through special geometries, to powertrain. QUINDOS has now integrated the closed loop concept of the VDI/VDE standard 2610 (Version 2.6 and 2.7) with the new … read more

MSP Announce Upgrades to NC-PerfectPart Software

MSP has announced the latest release of its NC-PerfectPart software. The 2020 release brings significant upgrades to both the look and functionality of MSP’s software which will allow users to enhance their processes further and also complete tasks and track performance more efficiently. The release of MSP’s NC-PerfectPart includes updates for … read more