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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – October 26th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Micro-Mirror Array Lens System Revolutionizes Microscopy

Traditional inspections systems offer shallow depth of field meaning that parts of the sample may not be in focus, which can lead to missing features, user fatigue, and incomplete inspection. The new ZEISS Visioner 1 revolutionizes the world of optical inspection and documentation. Driven by the unique Micro-mirror Array Lens System … read more

Huawei Unveils First 5G MEC Industrial Vision Solution

At the PT Expo China 2020, Beijing, Huawei has launched the first 5G MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) based Industrial Visual solution for manufacturing industry. The solution encompasses the lossless compression-capable SDK, MEC platform (MEP), user plane functions (UPFs), lossless decompression service, and machine vision apps. The lossless compression-capable SDK is … read more

Making Smart Composites Possible With MicroWire Sensors

If a composite material can be defined as a combination of two or more distinct materials to attain new properties that can not be achieved by those of individual components acting alone, then it is only natural that production errors and material flaws will occur, as in every other manufacturing … read more

Improving CMM Productivity with Automation

Loading and unloading parts onto a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is one of the most tedious tasks and, in many cases, the bottleneck during automated CMM part inspections. By adding collaborative robots to the inspection process, CMM users can increase part inspection throughput significantly. Collaborative robots are easy-to-use, require no specialized … read more

5-Axis Optical 3D Metrology Center Uses Machine Tool Technology

EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS), the automation group within EDM Department Inc., has developed a unique, 5-Axis 3D Metrology Center based on a machine tool motion system with fully integrated high-resolution 3D metrology sensors. Utilizing industry proven FANUC CNC controls and servo motors, the MVi5 offers the reliability and long-life performance that … read more

‘Mind the Gap’ – Multi-Technology Robotic Sensor

The ZEISS AIMax digital-optical 3D sensor is the new benchmark in robot-based 3D inline metrology for sheet metal processing and car body construction. The unique combination of three measuring principles in one compact sensor enables the measurement of complex geometric characteristics such as holes, bolts, and gap and flush with … read more

Data and Information Rich – Closing The Loop

Data Rich and Information Rich One of the long-standing challenges of managing a 100% data sample is being data rich but information poor. In today’s modern manufacturing facilities, the fast cycle times and large data sets can often paralyze the people responsible for managing the overall quality of the parts produced. ….read more

How AI Platforms are Revolutionizing Industry

Breakneck speed, unprecedented development and unhindered feasibility are just some phrases attached to the spread of AI across various industrial sectors in general. Artificial Intelligence (AI), as it stands today, is at an important juncture. The current potential for market growth in AI is extremely high. The market, which is … .read more

Optimizing Manufacturing Performance through 5G, Edge Computing and Machine Vision

GSMA, China Mobile, Huawei and Haier have completed a proof of concept encompassing the deployment of edge computing, 5G and machine vision into Haier’s manufacturing environment. Haier is the world’s largest white goods manufacturer and a Fortune 500 company. Machine Vision is an intensive computing task that needs dedicated resources and … .read more

AI Visual Inspection Platform Unveiled

Landing AI has unveiled LandingLens, an end-to-end visual inspection platform specifically designed to help manufacturers build, deploy, and scale AI-powered visual inspection solutions. Visual inspection is a widely used method in manufacturing for processes including defect identification and assembly verification. While this has generally been performed by human workers and traditional … .read more

Sandvik to Acquire CNC Machining Simulation Software Company CGTech

Sandvik has signed an agreement to acquire US based CGTech, a global market leader in software for numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification and optimization. The product offering includes VERICUT, a machining simulation and optimization software which is CAM, machine tool manufacturer and cutting tool neutral and works stand alone or … .read more

‘Be All You Can Be’ – 3D Scanning Evaluates US Army Artillery Turret

Mechanical engineers in the Production Engineering Division within the Directorate of Operations, Planning and Support (DOPS) at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) , Pensylvania, USA are employing the use of an emerging technology to aid in the manufacturing process with the help of the metrology laboratory from the U.S. Army Combat … .read more

Quantification of Gear Tooth Flank Waviness Leads to New Patent

The waviness of a tooth flank can cause unpleasant noises in the interior of a motor vehicle. Using high-resolution and area-based measurement technology, Honda has succeeded in isolating and quantifying the waviness from the roughness on a flank. By applying Focus-Variation and frequency analysis methods, the Research & Development team … read more

‘Closed-Door Machining’ Concept Incorporates Multi-Sensor CMM Style Measurements

NILES-SIMMONS has developed the machining concept ‘Closed-Door-Machining’ to meet the ever-increasing requirements involved in the manufacturing of complex, high-precision parts and components initially for the aviation industry. This concept allows the complete machining of parts in one continuous process within one machine and without any operator interventions … read more

Complete 5-axis Machine Accuracy Determined In Just One Minute

Qualifying the performance of 5-axis machines can be complex. The Rotary Inspector measurement system from IBS provides a revolutionary method to simplify this process; enabling rapid assessment and correction of the 5-axis machine kinematic performance. Five-axis machining is changing the face of advanced manufacturing. IBS understand how critical monitoring and control … read more

High QA Inspection Manager Drives Quality Manufacturing Efficiency to New Levels

Manufacturing Quality Management automation software provider, High QA, has released Version 5.1 of its innovative Inspection Manager (IM) software. This latest version features next level Quality 4.0 standards, increased automation and enhanced workflows. Inspection Manager is a comprehensive database-driven solution for manufacturing quality management throughout the production and supply chain process … read more

Atlas Copco – Gearing Up For 5G

The fifth generation mobile networks will revolutionize industrial production. One of Atlas Copco’s factories in Antwerp, Belgium, and the integration lab in Sickla, Sweden, are testing 5G network technology to speed up the global shift to smart manufacturing. With ultra-high speed and reliability, the fifth generation (5G) mobile networks will revolutionize … read more

Sylvac’s Extended Scan Range Offers Improved Dynamic Measurement Accuracy

The Bowers Group has announce the launch of the brand new Sylvac Scan S25. Designed to complement the current Sylvac Scan range, including the F60 / S145 and Scan 52, the S25 provides a non-contact optical measuring centre to measure small to mid-size cylindrical parts of up to 26mm diameter … read more