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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – May 25th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Measuring Technology Provides E-Mobility Production KeyMeasuring Technology Provides E-Mobility Production Key

The Volkswagen components plant in Salzgitter, Germany manufactures important components for the APP 310, an electric drive which will make electromobility accessible to a wide range of customers starting this year. The drive’s innovative hairpin stator concept presented entirely new challenges for quality assurance. The answer came in the form … read more

Difference Between Laser Radar and LIDAR

“What’s the difference between Laser-Radar and LIDAR technology?” It’s a question without a simple answer. In this article John Smits, Gary Confalone, and Tom Kinnare of East Coast Metrology (ECM) explain. Confusion between the two is understandable. Their names are nearly synonymous and the terms are often used interchangeably. The acronyms … read more

‘Stronger Together’ – Supporting Machining Processess to Manufacture Perfect Parts

MSP specialise in world class precision software and part manufacturing solutions, revolutionising the way the advanced manufacturing industry make and measure parts around the world. In the current climate MSP has been adapting its products and services to ensure customers can keep up production. MSP advises global manufacturers on the automation … read more

The Future of Force Measurement

The rise of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and “Big Data” has had a tremendous impact on almost every industry, including force measurement. Up until about ten years ago, the industry had remained steady and predictable. There was a standard way of building load cells using analog technology that was widely accepted, … read more

NPL Launch High Precision Surface Topography Areal Standard

The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has recently launched a single-chip, cost efficient, high precision areal standard, designed to traceably calibrate areal surface topography measuring instruments in accordance with the upcoming ISO 25178-700 standard. The new NPL areal standard enables users to: Adopt good measurement practice and meet the requirements of … read more

Future Requirements For Production Measurement

The purpose of production measurement technology is to ensure component and process quality. The measuring instruments used for this purpose must fulfill a range of requirements to facilitate efficient production without rejects. If modern production facilities also aim for integrated production strategies according to Industry 4.0, they already lay the … read more



Structured Light Probe Adds CMM Versality

The RFP fringe probe from Renishaw, is for use with the REVO 5-axis measurement system on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), increasing the multi-sensor capability of the REVO system by adding non-contact structured light inspection to the existing product range. REVO now offers five different probe families, each specifically designed to maximize … read more

Nikon Metrology & Wenzel Announce Laser Scanner Partnership

Nikon Metrology and WENZEL have announced a new distribution partnership. The partnership means that WENZEL becomes an official Nikon Metrology partner for the sales and distribution of Nikon Metrology laser scanning products in the European market. WENZEL’s expertise and innovation in the CMM market, and Nikon Metrology’s peerless laser scanning technology … read more

Coordinate Metrology Society and Precision Path Consortium Launch 3D Measurement Industry Survey

The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) in collaboration with the Precision Path Consortium (PPC) has announced the official launch of their 3D Measurement Industry-at-large Survey. Users, managers, experts, or novices in the field of 3D measurement are urged to take the survey being offered until August 31, 2020. The study is conducted solely … read more

Laser Line Scanners Extend CMM Performance

Wenzel has introduced a wide line laser scanner for use with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The optical sensor WM | LS 600, with a line width of 280 mm up to 600 mm, allows an extended field of application for large portal CMMs as well as for horizontal arm machines. … read more

Autonomous Machine Vision Selected By Red Herring Awards

The Red Herring Top 100 Award recognises annually the potential of top private companies to revolutionise their respective sectors. The competition is fierce—in 2020, approximately 1,200 companies entered the award in the European region. In the past, Red Herring’s editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as … read more

ZEISS Announce 6% Revenue Increase In Half-Year Financial Results

Overall, the first six months of fiscal year 2019/20 (ended 31 March 2020) went well for the ZEISS Group. It saw its revenue rise by 6 percent to EUR 3.213 billion (first six months of 2018/19: EUR 3.019 billion). 90 percent of this sum was generated by markets outside Germany. … read more


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