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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 2nd

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Portable Arm 3D White Light Scanner Launched

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner for the Absolute Arm – pairing for the first time an area scanner with a portable measurement arm. Designed for high-speed scanning of simple shapes and surfaces, the RS-SQUARED can measure parts faster than conventional laser scanners and even other structured light scanners … read more

Structured Light Scanning Ensures Top Down Quality

The micrometer precise 3D measurement of components is one of the most complex challenges in the automotive industry. A task that is to a large extent impossible without the use of optical sensors. Effective, economical and flexible solutions incorporate a 3D sensor combined with an industrial robot integrated into an … read more

Enhanced dentCHECK Tools Launched

8tree has unveiled powerful new capabilities, to its dentCHECK tool including – panoLite, a large-area scanning solution, and the dentCHECK-enabled UT gauge interface, to expedite blend-out remaining thickness measurement. These new offerings are specifically designed for aviation industry workflows. As such, they deliver an effortlessly intuitive user-experience that empowers operators … read more

Robot Virtualization & Programming Software Celebration

Founded in January 2015, RoboDK is a spin-off company from the CoRo laboratory at ETS University in Montreal, Canada, one of the most prestigious robotics labs in North America. While working on his PhD at CoRo lab, RoboDK’s CEO Albert Nubiola was the main developer of RoKiSim, a multi-platform educational software … read more

Portable Measuring Arm Offers Efficient Reverse Engineering

Modellteknik has been serving Swedish manufacturers since the early 1960s, offering a range of services from 3D product design, to machining of small to large components, to inspection and verification. One of the company’s specialties is contract manufacturing, often involving short-run or one-off manufacturing of complex components. As such, delivering on … read more

ABB To Deliver AI Enabled Robots Through Covariant Partnership

ABB, the world-leading supplier of industrial robots, and Silicon Valley AI start-up, Covariant, have announced a partnership to bring AI-enabled robotics solutions to market. The partnership brings together the two companies with a shared vision for robotics enabled by AI, where intelligent robots work alongside humans in dynamic environments, collectively … read more

High Speed Blue Laser Profiler For 3D Scanning And Inspection Launched

LMI Technologies (LMI) has announced the launch of the Gocator 2530 smart 3D laser line profiler. The sensor achieves inspection speeds up to 10 kHz, at high lateral resolution with a field of view up to 100 mm. A custom 2 MP high speed imager, advanced optical design, and blue laser … read more

Assuring OEM Machine Tool Precision

StankoMachComplex is a well-established manufacturer of a wide range of precision machine tools. Based in the City of Tver, 180 km north west of Moscow, the company provides lathes and milling machines to customers in 45 states of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Estonia and Ukraine. The company also provides a … read more