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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 29th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Mastering Mobility With 3D Metrology

Van Raam, a manufacturer of special needs bicycles based in Varsseveld, the Netherlands, supports disabled people to be independent in their mobility. Their products are build-to-order according to the individual requirements of the future owner. This means lots of tailor-made parts in terms of shapes and dimensions … read more

Optimization of Production by Combined Metrology

SchmitterGroup GmbH manufactures innovative components for the latest generation engines and chassis. Based in Thüngen in southern Germany, the company’s high-quality products and rapid execution of new projects make it a trusted name for customers. The combinable measuring technology of ZEISS plays a key role in this, which has enabled … read more

7 Axis Cobot Provides Dexterity to See Around Corners

Danish company Kassow Robots recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the KR1018 cobot, which weighs just 34 kilogrammes, yet can handle payloads of up to 18 kilogrammes. The 7-axis cobot offers an application reach of up to 1000 mm. First introduced to the market in 2018 Kassow … read more

Laser Tracker Verifies Lithium Battery Manufacturing Process

Since the invention of commercial lithium batteries, the technology has been applied to many fields of manufacturing, and they have rapidly developed, marking a milestone role in the progress of global human science and technology. Compared with normal batteries, lithium batteries have higher energy storage density, longer service life higher … read more

AI Software Streamlines AM Workflow Producing Accurate Parts Right From Print Bed

Markforged, creator of the integrated metal and carbon fiber additive manufacturing platform The Digital Forge, has announced the immediate availability of Blacksmith software for Markforged X7 printers. The release of Blacksmith marks a major step on the journey toward the future of autonomous manufacturing, a world where 3D printers will … read more

Neubeam AM Offers Real-Time In-Process Quality Assurance With Full Traceability

Featuring NeuBeam electron beam melting (EBM) technology, the new Calibur3 from UK based Wayland Additive, is capable of rapidly printing a broader range of alloys than conventional electron beam powered machines. The system’s neutral-charge beam is able to generate large parts, at higher densities, and allowing manufacturing industry to generate … read more

Achieving Sub-Micron Accuracy for Small and Fragile Phone Part

Achieving Sub-Micron Accuracy for Small and Fragile Mobile Phone Parts

The lens barrel plays an important role in the effectiveness of a smartphone’s camera. Accurate measurement of the part is important to ensure that consumer electronics customers’ expectations are met. However, the size and tolerance demands of lens barrels makes it a challenging part for the quality department … read more

Faro Release BuildIT 2021 Metrology Software

Faro has released BuildIT Metrology 2021 – its real-time software for alignment, inspection, and build applications. BuildIT delivers accurate management of all dimensional validation processes throughout the manufacturing lifecycle. BuildIT Metrology includes best-in-class features such as device bundling and real time visual feedback in a streamlined user interface, allowing users … read more

Harvesting 3D Scan Data for Dimensional Inspection

In the agri-food sector, the range of treats has been growing for a long time: sweet snacks, chocolate spreads and pastries are becoming more popular all over the world. To produce these delicacies, different kinds of shell nuts are necessary, such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts … read more

Freedom to Measure Automotive Sheet Metal Tooling

With some 2400 employees, Volvo Car Body Components (VCBC) in Olofström, Sweden, is an automotive production plant that produces millions of car body parts every year. From hoods and roofs to doors and subassemblies, the facility is dedicated to pressing sheet metal into vital car components that are shipped whole … read more

Exact Metrology Helps Pattern-Maker Ensure Greater Accuracy

Wisconsin, USA, based Accurate Pattern Inc., specializes in wood, metal and plastic patterns, tools, fixtures, gauges, prototypes and models since 1985. Technologies and services include CAD design, manual and CNC machining, wood and metalworking, painting and welding, plastic fabrication and form  services such as: design, engineering, and production job shops … read more

Circular Laser Triangulation Sensor Measures 360° Bore Geometry

The Circular Triangulation Sensor (CiTriS), from GL Messtechnik, is a new step in laser measurement technology. The sensor measures the inner geometry of bores, tubes, containers and other cavities. The radial laser beam measures the complete 360° bore geometry in 2048 angle steps resulting in the precise internal cross section … read more

Scientists Unlock Mysteries of World’s Oldest ‘Computer’ with CT Scanning

Researchers at University College London (UCL) have solved a major piece of the puzzle that makes up the ancient Greek astronomical calculator known as the Antikythera Mechanism, a hand-powered mechanical device that was used to predict astronomical events. Known to many as the world’s first analogue computer, the Antikythera Mechanism is … read more

TRUMPF Expands Software Business With Lantek Acquisition

TRUMPF has acquired the software house Lantek and thus focuses on software in sheet metal processing that runs independently of the machine manufacturer. “TRUMPF is opening up to customers’ production ecosystems with this acquisition,” says Thomas Schneider, Managing Director of Machine Tool Development at TRUMPF … read more

First AI-Powered Industrial Cameras for Industry 4.0

Neurala has announced a collaboration with FLIR Systems Inc. to deliver a full software and hardware stack AI-based industrial imaging solution. Neurala’s vision AI software unlocks the power of deep learning with no-AI-expertise-required, and now supports the creation of neural networks that can be deployed directly onto FLIR Firefly DL cameras  … read more