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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 1st

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Non-Contact CMM Sensor Accelerates Delicate Parts Inspection

A new high speed, non-contact sensor for use with coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence addresses growing demand from the consumer electronics and medical industries to rapidly inspect delicate parts with a range of surface finishes, including those produced via additive manufacturing, without applying damaging pressure … read more

‘Amazon Lookout for Vision’ Detects Defects in Products and Production Processes

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company has announced the general availability of Amazon Lookout for Vision, a new service that analyzes images using computer vision and sophisticated machine learning capabilities to spot product or process defects and anomalies in manufactured products. By employing a machine learning technique called ‘few-shot … read more

Siemens Announce Closed Loop Enterprise Quality Management System

Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced Teamcenter Quality software, a new suite of solutions that provide a closed-loop approach for quality management, from design to manufacturing on the shop floor and back again. Teamcenter Quality helps keep product development, quality planning and continuous improvement processes in synchronization to help maximize … read more

Building the Future of Manufacturing with Data Analytics

Teradata will work with leading manufacturers in the Open Manufacturing Platform community to develop solutions for industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 Group aims to enable faster and more cost-effective innovation and production in manufacturing and automotive through cloud-based data analytics. Teradata has joined the Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) … read more

Dual-Process CMM Arm Artifact Maintains Measurement Accuracy

Brunson Instrument Company has introduced its new ArmBar:250, a 250-mm reference artifact allowing dual-process verification of portable measuring arm probing tip or scanner functions. Using Brunson’s patented Low Thermal Expansion (LTE) design, the ArmBar:250 gains additional stability and measurement predictability through a kinematic mount … read more

3D Data Solution Eliminates New Product Introduction Iterations

Riven has introduced its industry-first push-button 3D scanning, comparison, and communication solution that enables new product introduction (NPI) engineers to quickly and easily scan physical parts, clearly understand detailed physical part deviation from CAD design intent and easily collaborate to resolve issues. Deviations in first-article or mid-process stage components during new … read more

Key to Unlocking Value of Edge and Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

Siemens, IBM and Red Hat have announced a new collaboration that will use a hybrid cloud designed to deliver an open, flexible and more secure solution for manufacturers and plant operators to drive real-time value from operational data. In one month, a single manufacturing site can generate more than 2,200 … read more

Robot Supported Ultrasonic Defect Testing and Quality Assurance

Ultrasonic testing is a widely used non-destructive test method to check cast parts for invisible defects such as blowholes, pores or cracks. Since the acoustic properties of the material change if those casting defects are present, the ultrasonic sound pulse is reflected and sent back to the test head … read more

Symbio Bringing AI to Industrial Robotics

Artificial intelligence-powered industrial robotics startup Symbio Robotics Inc. recently launched with an announcement that it has raised $30 million. Founded in 2014, Symbio developers robotic systems and software for advanced manufacturing that use AI to modernize industrial manufacturing. The company’s technology can be retrofitted into existing industrial robots making them faster, more capable … read more

Nikon Unveils 1″ Sensor that Shoots 1,000 FPS in 4K

Nikon has announced the development of a 17.84 million pixel, 1-inch stacked CMOS sensor that can shoot ‘high-resolution images’ at up to 1,000 frames per second in shoot 4K and promises a particularly impressive wide dynamic range. The announcement comes after its initial unveiling at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San … read more

Perceptron Appoint New CEO

Perceptron, Inc has announced that Anders Hoberg has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer at Perceptron. Mr. Hoberg commented, “I am honored to be appointed as Perceptron’s CEO and excited to mentor, lead, and develop the growth potential of Perceptron in the US. … read more

E-Mobility Demands Deep Insights into Materials

The industrial usage of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is a relatively recent development. The technical demands, and the costs of acquisition and operation of the equipment, meant that for many years this method of quality control was the preserve of only the largest companies with the deepest pockets … read more