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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 15th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Would You Like Extra Capability with Your Measurement Today?

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) sensors continues to evolve allowing more complex part geometries and applications to be measured with increased accuracy. The CMM remains an integral tool in the inspection room of most manufacturing companies. In this article we look as some of the sensor developments that continue to expand CMM … read more

Targetless Photogrammetry Automates Production Measurement

Manufacturer of automated industrial photogrammetric solutions, XTURA, has recently introduced its GigaScan targetless photogrammetry solutions for 3D surface metrology and individual part feature inspections. XTURA has developed its technology with the intent to create highly flexible 3D scanning technology based on photogrammetry, not only offering improved accuracy when compared … read more

Do you need a Metrologist or an Instrument Operator?

The answer may seem obvious to some of the readers. However, from some industry players perspective, the distinction between a metrologist and an instrument operator (Laser tracker, CMM, 3D scanner, even conventional) can be hard to grasp. The International Vocabulary of Metrology defines the metrology as the ‘science of measurement and its application’  … read more

Quality Assured AM Process Goes Zero to 1200

Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers enormous potential for optimized and new components alike. At Porsche, 3D printing technology is already being employed in several areas.  And now, a joint project from Porsche, Mahle and Trumpf, in cooperation with ZEISS, has successfully 3D-printed highly stressed drive components for the first time … read more

Gold Standard Sub-Micron CMM Quadruples Inspection Throughput for Delicate Electronics

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that overcomes challenges common to the measurement of delicate components, such as smartphone camera lens assemblies, to help manufacturers perform quality inspections up to four to six times faster than conventional methods with uncompromising sub-micron accuracy … read more

Expanded Training Program Increases Optical Metrology Knowledge

3D metrology specialist GOM, the ZEISS Group’s Center of Excellence for optical metrology since 2019, has announced the expansion of its training program. In more than 40 available courses, customers can increase their knowledge of GOM’s optical metrology, 3D measuring systems and inspection software. The courses are available on site … read more

HD Dynamic Profiler Automates Surface Roughness Measurements

The NanoCam HD surface roughness profiler from 4D Technology utilizes Dynamic Interferometry, with a high-speed optical sensor that measures thousands of times faster than traditional profilers. Because acquisition time is so short, the NanoCam HD can measure despite vibration, making it possible to mount the instrument on a gantry … read more

3D Optical Surface Metrology Characterizes Polished Surfaces

Optical polishing is a fabrication technique widely adopted for the manufacturing process of high precision mechanical and optical components where there is a demand for minimal defects and smooth micro-roughness values. Optical polishing is a method for receiving a superfinish or microfinish of surfaces necessary for further processing, long-term quality … read more

Wireless Wand Generates Fast Code-Free Robot Programming

German robotics startup Wandelbots has developed a robot programming device that could transform current industrial practices. The Wandelbots platform is a revolutionary tool that makes it possible to train, reprogram and provide data for any robot in the shortest possible time. The interaction of robot, intuitive app and teaching device … read more

Assessing Automation Feasibility of Small-Part Inspection Applications

New Scale Robotics has published a new White Paper to help companies assess the feasibility of automating contact measurements of manufactured small parts. “Manufacturers producing precision components often need to make caliper measurements of the parts for QC and process control, a boring and repetitive process that is a prime candidate … read more

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Root Out Rogue Products

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS), a supplier of inspection machines, has launched a range of new optical sorting machines specifically for the high-speed sorting of small components such as fasteners, rings, plastic parts, washers, nuts, munitions and micro components. The devices provide automatic inspection, sorting, grading and classification of products at up … read more

Bosch Combines Industry 4.0 with AI

Bosch is developing the factory of the future. In this endeavor, the company sees Industry 4.0 as the way forward. Once Bosch has tested and validated products in-house, it markets them to other companies. Its portfolio ranges from software packages for manufacturing and logistics, to robots that make and deliver parts, … read more

AI to Smarten Up Automated Optical Inspection

In the Bosch vision, the factory of the future will feature the ability to reconfigure itself to changing conditions such as product variance, production fluctuations and process adaptations – a new level of flexibility compared to today. That requires systems for automated optical inspection (AOI) to evolve from product-specific systems … read more

Symphony IndustrialAI Acquires Digital Manufacturing Leader

Symphony IndustrialAI has announced the acquisition of IIoT and digital workflow orchestration leader Savigent. This acquisition further advances Symphony IndustrialAI’s initiatives into plant and supply chain processes. The combination of Savigent connected factory and process optimization capabilities and Symphony IndustrialAI solutions based on its advanced EurekaAI technology platform will help … read more

Who Cares About Big Data? Is it Useful for Making Big Decisions?

Big Data has had a significant impact on productivity, economic growth and business resilience in every industry, including manufacturing. The UK’s Midland Centre for Data-Driven Metrology is hosting a Seminar on the subject of ‘Who Cares About Big Data? Is it Useful for Making Big Decisions?’ on March 24th presented by Professor … read more

Small 3D Blue Light Precision Scanner Launches

Evatronix has launched its eviXscan 3D FinePrecision scanner which is distinguished by high precision measurement and high levels of detail of scanned surfaces. eviXscan 3D FinePrecision is an optical measuring device operating with a blue LED light source. The scanner is equipped with two fast, latest generation, 8.9 Mpix cameras with … read more

Total Station Merges High-Speed 3D Laser Scanning with Vision Imaging

Trimble has introduced the next iteration of its breakthrough 3D scanning total station that provides fast and efficient data capture for engineering, surveying and geospatial professionals. New features of the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station include a high-power laser pointer and high-resolution camera system, expand capabilities in surveying and complex … read more

3D Scanning Sprays Automates a Disappearing Act

Scanning transparent, glossy or highly structured parts using optical measurement technology often requires the use of spray. The spray creates a matt, white coating reducing reflection and other optical inhomogeneities and thus provides perfect scanning condition. Traditional sprays based on pigments, however, endanger scanning operators, pigment-contamination of the sensitive scanning environment … read more

“Mind The Gap” – Locomotive Manufacturer Opts for 3D Scanning Measurements

When a leading train manufacturer was required to take gap and flush measurements in the interiors of their trains to maximize aesthetics, they opted for Third Dimension’s non-contact, precision measurement tool, GapGun Pro2. The GapGun Pro2 was required for use on all metal and plastic panels within the train interiors, ensuring … read more

Concept Machine Acquires B.C. MacDonald and Metrology Center

Concept Machine, a USA Midwest capital goods and consumables distributor, has announced that it has closed the acquisition of B.C. MacDonald & Co. and its subsidiary Metrology Center. Concept Machine sells and services specialty machine tools, measuring and gaging equipment, and additive manufacturing equipment along with related consumables across six … read more