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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – July 20th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Quality in The Blink of an Eye

At a number of Benteler Automotive plants, have introduced optical measurement techniques. These innovative systems replace the traditional gaging systems previously used and offer multiple benefits for its customers. The production of highest quality pressed vehicle components calls for consistent testing. Both at the start-up of a line and during series … read more

Milling CMM & Integrated Software Shaping Future of Design Studios

Automotive design and development has been revolutionized by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Designers across the world have been able to work together in real time on designs that can be shared and seen in holographic studios, whether in Sydney, Australia; Kidlington, England; or Detroit, Michigan. Applications like Autodesk … read more

Time Of Flight Sensor Guides Cockpit Assembly

Micro Epsilon optoNCDT ILR1030-8/LC1 time-of-flight laser sensors are used for the positioning of robots in automotive assembly operations. In the production of vehicles, numerous production steps are automated and are performed using modern manufacturing processes using many innovative technologies. Precision sensors are an essential part of ‘state of the art’ automotive … read more

Augmented Reality Hybrid Rendering for iPhone, iPad and Android

Arvizio has announced the introduction of new capabilities to their enterprise XR platform with GPU accelerated hybrid rendering to stream massive 3D models and LiDAR scans to multiple participants on mobile AR devices. The latest Arvizio XR release includes fully automated 3D model optimization and hybrid rendering for large and … read more

New Software Simplifies Measurement on Machine Tools

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new modular software suite, HxGN NC Measure, making it simpler and faster for manufacturers to inspect diverse parts directly on the machine tool. Designed for ease-of-use, the modular HxGN NC Measure suite allows manufacturers to quickly and accurately undertake either routine or complex inspections directly on … read more

CMM Coordinates Pace & Precision at ADP

As final inspection is usually the last process undertaken before manufactured components are dispatched, delays in this important activity can squander any time savings and efficiencies gained through the use of highly-productive CNC machine tools. Similarly, when performing in-process inspection routines, hold-ups in the reporting out of tolerance situations can … read more

Scanner Simplifies Longitudinal Seam Weld Inspection

Using the new Olympus AxSEAM scanner inspectors can easily set up and inspect long seam welds, enabling them to work more independently in the field. Along with the OmniScan X3 flaw detector, the scanner is an integral part of the company’s portable phased array ultrasonic testing inspection solutions targeting longitudinal … read more

Laser Tracker Aligns 90m VW Robotic Welding Lines

Volkswagen’s main manufacturing plant in India produces hundreds of thousands of automobiles a year as part of their partnership with ŠKODA. As the plant moves toward automated underbody welding processes, they needed to install robotic welding lines up to 90m in length. They turned to the team at API Services … read more

3D Scanning Critical Infrastructure at 50 Miles/Hour

Critical infrastructure such as transport networks are the lifelines of modern society. Extreme weather events may cause damage to railway tracks, roads, tunnels and bridges. The Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques (IPM) has developed a novel 3D laser scanner that can be used to closely monitor transport infrastructure and … read more

Smart Factory To Revolutionize Combat Aircraft Production

A first-of-its-kind industry 4.0 factory is applying game-changing digital technologies to advance manufacturing on the UK’s next generation combat aircraft system, Tempest. The new facility at BAE Systems’ site in Warton, Lancashire, is the result of a multi-million pound investment and collaboration with more than 40 blue chip and SME companies … read more

Traditional Quality Control versus 3D Scanning

Quality control is an essential step for every manufacturing company. However, so many businesses still use manual inspection tools like gauges and calipers. Operations that require more precision have used Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM’s) for decades. That is destined to change … read more

Autonomous 3D Scanning of Industrial Structures

Skydio, a U.S. drone manufacturer and leader in autonomous flight technology, has announced the upcoming availability of a new autonomous drone platform for enterprise and public sector, the Skydio X2. Skydio also announced several new software solutions that simplify inspections and situational awareness workflows. The software technologies, and Skydio 2, … read more

X-360 Optical Measuring Machine Offers Large Field of View

For over ten years, VICIVISION has specialized in the production of optical measuring machines for turned and cylindrical parts across multiple industries. The use of non-contact metrology solutions reduces inspection times while increasing throughput and yield. A Vicivision optical machine measures the external profile of cylindrical components both statically and dynamically … read more

Improving ROI For Industry 4.0 With Cellular Connectivity

A recent study from ABI Research outlines the ‘intelligence’ in a smart factory and how it is underpinned by cellular connectivity, which plays a business-critical role. Applications of cellular technology are exemplified with concrete Industry 4.0 use cases, providing business justification and initial steps for how manufacturers can move their … read more