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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – July 13th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Smart Laser Line Scanner Delivers 3200 Points Per Profile

Keyence has introduced its LJ-X8000 3D Laser Profiler delivering 3200 points per profile allowing the sensor to perform inline inspection without compromising accuracy. The sensor is designed to handle a wide-range of applications from profile measurement to 3D inspection. A laser line is emitted from the sensor to illuminate the surface … read more

Innovative Multi-Scanner System Offers In-Process Measurement

The current needs of manufacturing companies are particularly related to the increase of production efficiency and precise quality control of products. The concept of Industry 4.0 responds to such needs and tries to encompass all production aspects of the enterprise into one cooperative organism. Such a cooperative infrastructure is underlined … read more

3D Laser Scanner Developed For Intricate Geometries

Kreon has launched the Zephyr III 50 3D laser scanner designed for high-quality digitization offering outstanding resolution and precision for small geometries. With its accuracy of 5 µm the Zephyr III 50 captures parts in minute detail much faster than traditional probes. For all its precision, Zephyr III 50 offers … read more

Reverse Engineering Module Added To Latest CT Software Release

Digital analysis and physical testing are becoming increasingly integrated in the pursuit of optimized product design and development across a wide swath of industries. With the release of its VGSTUDIO MAX version 3.4 software, CT-data analysis and visualization company Volume Graphics, has added and augmented important functionalities that help designers … read more

Optical Inspection Fixture Handles Multiple Variants

Topometric GmbH, Germany has developed a multi-door flexible fixture for with an optical inspection system that allows model-specific individual automotive door fixtures to be a thing of the past. With only a single fixture, all automotive doors, for different vehicle models, can be accommodated including both inner and outer door … read more

Leveraging Power of 3D Measurement Technologies at Bombardier

Companies rely on their suppliers to create and deliver custom-made parts. If these deviate from the specified dimensions, significant problems arise during assembly. Companies therefore often subject the components they receive from their suppliers to internal quality controls or have them checked by third-party service providers. … read more

EV Battery Tray Robotic Laser Line Inspection

An electric vehicle requires a functional battery just as a traditional automobile requires a functioning gasoline tank. If the battery fails for whatever reason, the electric vehicle dies on the road. Ensuring that the battery’s tray can handle the thermal expansion of the battery pack and withstand shock and vibration … read more

Artificial Intelligence Optimizes EV Battery Assembly

Comau has created an innovative, in-line testing and quality control paradigm that optimizes the construction and assembly of batteries. Machine Inspection Recognition (MI.RA)/Thermography is one of the newest solutions within Comau’s cutting-edge vision systems family of Machine Inspection Recognition Archetypes. Designed for industrial-scale battery manufacturing, MI.RA/Thermography uses thermal imaging and artificial … read more

Time of Flight Camera Generates 3D Point Cloud

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc has announced that its Helios™2, next generation of 3D Time of Flight (ToF) cameras, have now entered series production. Helios2 offers significant advancements making it a true ‘factory tough’ 3D Time of Flight camera. Featuring improved ToF performance, the Helios2 produces exceptional 3D depth data with sub-millimeter … read more

On-Machine Scanning Reduces Manufacturing Times By 6.5 Hours

Based in Ufa, Russia, ODK UMPO PAO is the country’s largest provider of gas turbine engines. The company designs, manufactures and services high performance gas turbine engines for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft and gas and oil producing sectors. ODK UMPO PAO wanted to increase the accuracy and efficiency of … read more

Creaform Extends Portfolio of NDT Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Creaform has announced that the Go!SCAN 3D has been added to the company’s lineup of non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies for the oil and gas industry. “The Go!SCAN 3D white light scanner requires less preparation time, so technicians can carry out inspections on a pipe faster, reducing time spent in the ditch. … read more

UK National Research Facility For Lab-Based X-ray Computed Tomography

A new UK National Research Facility (NRF) in Lab-based X-ray Computed Tomography is set to launch in November this year. The NRF will provide access and support for both academia and industry, embracing both first time users and more experienced researchers running cutting-edge 3D imaging experiments. … read more

Optical Inspection System Generates 75 Million 3D Data Points per Second

Cyberoptics will unveil its new Multi-Reflection Suppression™ (MRS) enabled 3D and 2D WX3000 Metrology and Inspection systems for wafer-level and advanced packaging applications at the upcoming virtual SEMICON West show. Incorporating the NanoResolution MRS sensor, the WX3000 Metrology and Inspection systems enable the ultimate combination of high speed, high resolution and high … read more

Optical Upgrade Turns Tactile CMM Into Multi-Sensor

The global race towards intelligent production is increasingly driving the use of advanced automation technologies, such as machine vision (VM). Machine vision has become an essential technology in production and quality control. VM is quickly becoming an essential element for the 4.0-enabled smart factory infrastructure. The VM is an essential element for … read more

World’s Largest Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition Postponed

Mack Brooks Exhibitions has announced the postponement of EuroBLECH, which was scheduled to take place at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds in Germany from 27 to 30 October 2020. The new dates for the next EuroBLECH, 26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, are 9 -12 March 2021. … read more

First Annual Brunson Metrology Survey Launched

How tight are your tightest tolerances? What are your most vital metrology instruments? What technology will impact metrology in the future? Seeking answers to these and other critical questions surrounding today’s metrology applications, Brunson Instrument Company has launched the first annual Brunson Metrology Survey. “We learn a great deal through conversations with our customers, … read more