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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – February 22nd

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

REcreate Streamlines Reverse Engineering from Metrology Scans

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has unveiled REcreate, a powerful and flexible new software solution designed ‘from the ground up’ to make it easier and faster to reverse engineer parts from metrology scan to manufacturable model. Reverse engineering processes are routinely employed throughout manufacturing and maintenance processes … read more

Quality Control for Additive Manufacturing in Orthopedics

Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing the industrial product chain. Its greatest challenge is to verify 3D-printed components where absolute reliability is required such as in the medical field. In the following interview Johannes Kohl, Project Leader for Strategic Business Segment Medical at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, and Edson Costa-Santos, Senior Application Development … read more

3D Scanning Driving The Automotive Industry

In today’s automotive industries, just-in-time and automated manufacturing workflows require exceptionally high levels of precision, repeatability and traceability. Car manufacturers, which work with parts assemblies from a vast array of different suppliers, need innovative solutions to ensure that components fit together optimally and guarantee their performance … read more

Harnessing Power of AI to Deliver More Intelligent Engine Inspections

One thing is true in any industry – time is money. So when the Rolls-Royce Innovation Hub came up with the Intelligent Borescope that can reduce the time it takes to inspect an aircraft engine by 75% and could save up to £100m in inspection costs over five years … read more

3D Laser Scanning Verifies Accuracy of AM Parts

Established in 1984, Neuchatel-based Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) is now one of Switzerland’s top, globally recognised research and development institutes, specialising in precision manufacturing, advanced microelectronics, microtechnology and digitalization. It is a private, not-for-profit organisation that designs, produces, assembles and tests novel products as well as solutions … read more

Metrology Partnership Brings Vision to CMM Market

Vision Engineering has announced that it is partnering with metrology innovator Aberlink, to add the first contact-only measurement system to its range of metrology systems. Designed for robustness, reliability, affordability and ease of use, Deltron, is a shop floor hardened non-Cartesian CMM with an innovative delta robotic mechanism, renown for repeatable … read more

Affordable Professional Grade Hand-Held 3D Scanners Introduced

peel 3d has announced the launch of peel 2-S, a professional-grade 3D scanner measurement technology optimized for small and intricate parts with lots of details, such as injected plastic parts, small electrical components, or complex mechanical components. Due to its smaller field of view, peel 3D offers an impressive resolution … read more

Smart Factory Robotic Measurement Cell Launched

Measuring & Quality Solutions (MQS), headquartered in Germany, has launched the MANTIS automated robotic measurement solution offering a fully integrable turn-key inspection solution for the smart factories of the future. The MANTIS measurement system is described as a completely new approach to production measurement offering users an offline and online software … read more

Digital Enterprise – The Holistic Approach To Creating Digital Twins

The holistic approach of the Digital Enterprise for creating digital twins, such as in the automotive industry, offers tangible benefits by substantially reducing the number of prototypes needed during the development of new vehicles. It also becomes possible to predict the performance of the production unit and the products themselves … read more

3DX-Ray Delivers Inline Quality Assurance and Process Control

Because the materials needed to make a catalytic converter are very expensive, manufacturers need a precise way to analyses, optimise and check the quality of the core substrate’s multiple wash coat. They also need to be able to monitor any real-time changes or trends as they develop in their manufacturing … read more

Enabling CMMs for Production-Wide Data-Driven Transformation

A CMM can easily remain in service 20 years, which given the pace of technological change could have its challenges. Even the oldest CMMs, however, have proven adept at adapting to new technologies such as optical sensors, user friendly metrology software and asset management systems. Now, however, digital transformation is making … read more

White Light Scanning System Automates 2D Measurements

Exact Metrology has announced the representation of Planar from InspecVison. The Planar 2D inspection machine allows manufacturers to simply and quickly verify product quality by performing 2D inspection, CAD comparisons and reverse engineering in seconds. Planar is ideal for shop floor use, requires minimal operator input and increases production throughput across … read more

Volume Graphics Releases Version 3.4.5

Volume Graphics has released version 3.4.5 of VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, VGMETROLOGY, VGinLINE, and myVGL. A sample of the new VGMETROLOGY capabilities in the latest release include: Compensation Mesh for Additive Manufacturing Users can now easily create a surface mesh that compensates for the difference between the actual object and a reference object directly … read more

Introduction to Machine Learning for Industrial Measurements – Digital Seminar

A webinar scheduled for 3rd March at 9.00 GMT will provide an introduction to machine learning (ML), a branch of artificial intelligence that is based on the idea that computers can learn patterns, rules or structure from data without being given specific instructions about the task they are performing … read more

LIDAR Inspection System Provides 2D and 3D Images of ITER In-Vessel Components

Europe has taken steps towards delivering another first: ITER’s in-vessel viewing system. For the first time, electromechanical arms equipped with laser-scanning systems will reside inside a fusion device. During a pulse, the arms will be folded into cartridges hosted inside vacuum vessel port extensions away from the plasma … read more

Faro Announce 2020 Financial Performance

FARO Technologies has announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2020. “FARO delivered strong fourth quarter results, closing out a transformational year amid uncertainty caused by the pandemic.  Our fourth quarter performance demonstrates the effectiveness of our more efficient sales organization and the profit … read more