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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – December 7th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Process Control Reduces Cycle Time and Delivery Delays for Auto Parts Manufacturer

An increase in production orders for new breeds of high-volume and high-value automotive components required OMG to consider alternative approaches to part inspection. Investments in off-machine gauging and on-machine probing enabled the company to increase manufacturing throughput, avoid rejects and reduce scrap … Read More

‘Thinking Outside The Bottle’ – Hybrid Dental CT Scanner Performs 3D Measurement

X-ray technology recently celebrated the 125th anniversary since its invention. Over the past decade computed tomography, using x-ray technology has increased its presence in many areas of manufacturing for the detection of porosity, cracks, and in more recent years complete dimensional inspection … Read More

Automotive Service Provider Relies on 3D Laser Scanning

TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH is an accredited technical service provider that specializes in the testing, inspection and approval of vehicles and components as well as in electromobility and automated driving. The company advises clients on all relevant fleet matters with a focus on the economic and ecological use of new driving … Read More

Metrologic Group & DWFritz Announce Commercial and Technical Agreement

Metrologic Group, the leading provider of Metrolog X4 software and DWFritz Automation, a leading global provider of high-precision automation and metrology solutions for advanced manufacturing, have announced a commercial and technical agreement The DWFritz ZeroTouch is a high-speed, non-contact metrology and inspection platform that rapidly measures complex geometries faster than a … Read More

X-Y Table Shortens Form Measurement Set-ups

Form metrology set-up and pre-alignment can take up a relatively large amount of time as each individual work-piece needs to be positioned precisely prior to measurement. This can lead to delays, especially when it comes to quality assurance for several work-pieces, or multiple measuring points … Read More

3D Scanning of Large Objects with Clusters of Complex Parts

When faced with digitally capturing large objects with multiple areas of high detail, even scanning professionals can feel a sense of uneasiness on how to best proceed. This could be an vehicle customizer with just half an afternoon to scan the interior and exterior of a Lamborghini for designing custom … Read More

Augmented Reality Aids Quality Assurance & Inspection in Manufacturing

As part of the suite of products GemDT are looking to develop and deploy for The Digital Twin, Quality and Inspection is a key component. Utilising data across the manufacturing and support cycle is the key to a business improving quality, reducing errors, improving profitability and customer satisfaction … Read More

Automatic X-Ray Detector Performance Evaluation

Safety standards are becoming ever stricter throughout manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries. Companies using X-ray CT (computed tomography) for non-destructively testing safety-critical components in those and other sectors are increasingly being required to, or may simply wish to, make every effort to show the veracity of their … Read More

Industry’s Fastest High Energy CT Scanner for Large Components

Waygate Technologies has announced the launch of its first high-energy Computed Tomography (CT) system – Phoenix Power|scan HE. With 9 mega electron volts (MeV), the Phoenix Power|scan HE packs 20 times more punch in penetration energy compared to the standard of 450 kiloelectron volts (keV) … Read More

Studer Machine Measures Grinding Process Using Laser

Grinding jobs requires strict tolerances. On grinding machines, the tolerances for the dimensions, form and position of finishing processes run tight, and in many cases, shops check these specifications against hard data. Part processing time increases if operators must move parts to and from external equipment to measure them and … Read More

Made To Measure – 3D Printing Bespoke Body Implants

3D printing is delivering customization options that make it possible to create almost any shape using additive manufacturing (AM) technology. In fact, the possibilities of 3D printing are so game-changing, it is even possible to create carbon copies of our own skulls. Sandvik’s additive manufacturing and metal powder specialists are … Read More

Zero-Code Digital Twins Portal Allows Legacy Equipment Retro-Fitting

IoT automation and analytics software company Waylay has announced its industry first zero-code provisioning portal based on digital twins of equipment for time efficient retro-fitting of legacy assets. In an ideal world, all equipment would be connected. In reality, millions of legacy machines are locked out of Industry 4.0 solutions because  … Read More