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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 3rd

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Surface Metrology 3D Optical Profilers Launched

Polytec has announced the introduction of new 3D optical profiler products. The latest additions to the TopMap family are the Micro.View and Micro.View +. These leading-edge optical profilers are ideal for measuring roughness, texture, waviness, step heights and other surface parameter. For decades, the stylus profiler has been the mainstay in … read more

Digital Stereo 3D Viewer Provides Entire Part Inspection

Significant advancements have been made within the field of optical and digital inspection equipment over the past decade. Systems are faster, easier to use, automated, more accurate and have larger capacities. In contrast to this steady, incremental progress, Vision Engineering’s revolutionary patented DRV-Z1 (Deep Reality Viewer) represents a major game changer in … read more

Mapvision Quality Gate Goes Absolute

Mapvision is changing the game by introducing a new Mapvision Quality Gate unit which can measure absolute coordinates without any help from a CMM. The rate of change is accelerating in manufacturing industry and especially in the car industry. Product cycles are getting shorter and shorter. New materials and new … read more

Electric Racing Series Places New Demands on Measurement Technology

The automotive industry is undergoing radical change and electric mobility has also found its way into motor racing. Formula E has become a crowd puller and a real competitor to Formula 1. Tight city circuits, unique interaction with the audience and sophisticated techniques with the attack mode – this is … read more

Automotive Manufacturing Facility Robotic 3D Scanning

Ford is tapping four-legged robots at its Michigan Van Dyke Transmission Plant in early August to laser scan the plant, helping engineers update the original computer-aided design which is used when getting ready to retool plants. These robots can be deployed into tough-to-reach areas within the plant to scan the … read more

Robotic Vision Sensor Sees 3D

SensoPart’s latest software update for its VISOR Robotic vision sensor makes the setup of robotics applications even simpler and more flexible. Thanks to a considerably expanded scope of functions, all common 2D applications can be solved in the robotic control system with minimal effort. Furthermore, use of an additional 3D … read more

CMM Reaches ‘Summit’ of Quality

Originally established in 1965 to help meet the subcontract component machining needs of the UK’s burgeoning aerospace industry, over the past 55 years Summit Engineering (Birmingham) Limited has considerably expanded its range of machining competencies and diversified into other equally demanding sectors.  While the production and assembly of high quality … read more

Ultra-Accurate Nanoscale Measurement Sensors To Enable Error Free Production

The new nanophotonic sensors, capable of ultra-accurate measurement on a nanoscale, will enable automated production lines to detect and correct errors in situ and deliver greater production efficiency and cost savings. Scientists at the UK’s University of Huddersfield University Centre for Precision Technology (CPT) have been awarded millions of pounds for … read more

BMW uses AI in its Painting Process for Perfect Result

BMW announced the start of a new pilot aimed at using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the painting process. This way, BMW hopes to deliver the best possible paint quality, without any imperfections or dust particles in the mix. The first plant to get this new AI-powered process is its plant … read more

‘Quantum Negativity’ Can Power Ultra-Precise Measurements

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, Harvard and MIT, have shown that quantum particles can carry an unlimited amount of information about things they have interacted with. The results, reported in the journal Nature Communications, could enable far more precise measurements and power new technologies, such as super-precise microscopes and quantum … read more