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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 17th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Autonomous Visual Quality Control Inspector Launched

MusashiAI, a joint venture between Israeli SixAI and Japanese Musashi Seimitsu (a Honda Motor Corporation affiliate company), has announced the commercial availability of its autonomous visual quality control inspector. Live trials from December 2019 confirm that MusashiAI’s unique autonomous robotic visual inspector exceeds the speed, accuracy, and stamina of human workers … read more

Turnkey Automated QC Solution Offers Multiple Advantages

The optimization of manufacturing processes has become a priority for the vast majority of the automotive and aerospace industries. The parts designed, developed, and produced today are becoming more complex, requiring more advanced and extensive inspections with more accurate and reliable measurements. Because parts are no longer simple and angles are … read more

Driving Product Innovation With Reverse Engineering

Every time you capture physical reality to use as part of your digital design process, you are engaging in reverse engineering. Whether you call it reverse engineering or something else, you are almost certainly measuring physical parts and using those dimensions to inform multiple aspects of your product designs … read more

Critical Fibre Orientation Measurements Ensure Composite Part Integrity

The Composite Centre of the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for advanced composite manufacturing research and development. Based in a dedicated extension to the AMRC Factory of the Future, in Rotherham in the United Kingdom, the centre’s research is focused on manufacturing and machining composite components, including hybrid parts that combine high-performance … read more

Leading Truck Manufacturer Hauls In Quality Issues With InLine GapGun System

Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to many truck manufacturers. When a leading truck manufacturer noticed a micro difference in the driver door gaps of their trucks, they immediately sought to identify where in the production line the mismatch was occurring. “The visual aesthetics of our trucks is just as … read more

Open Source 3D Print Quality Control Vision System

Despite a long evolution of additive manufacturing (AM), starting from the first granted patent in 1971, 3D printing technology has only recently exploded in popularity due to dramatic cost decreases brought on by the introduction of the self-replicating rapid prototype (RepRap) 3D printers. With the generalized material extrusion printing process … read more

Software Adds Machine Vision-Based Registration Functionality For Advanced Photometric Analysis

Radiant Vision Systems, a provider of automated visual inspection systems, has introduced its new VIP (Vision Inspection Pack) software – the first solution for backlit component inspection that combines the benefits of photometry for light and color measurement with machine vision for defect detection. From illuminated automotive panels and avionics to … read more

Updated Portable Optical Surface Metrology Tool

Mahr has announced the release of its newly-updated MarSurf CM mobileportable optical surface metrology tool. The latest updates to the MarSurf CM mobile include a 16-bit high-dynamic-range (HDR) camera that improves data density by 5x and low light sensitivity by 256x. These updates ensure optimum contrast for highly dynamic surfaces while maintaining the … read more

Sensor Provides Inline Extruded Profiles Inspection

Extrusion manufacturers face high-quality aluminum profile requirements that will continue to increase in the future. To meet these customer expectations, the EXTRUSION MASTER system from ISRA Vision enables automated surface inspection of extruded aluminum profiles. The ISRA system’s sensors detect defects including blisters, dents, spots, inclusions, and scratches on all sides … read more

Critical Glass Vial Inspection for COVID Vaccines

The race is on around the world to produce adequate quantities of glass vials for a potential coronavirus vaccine, making high quality packaging available as soon as the vaccine has been perfected. To accommodate the vast levels of demand involved, it is anticipated that global production of pharmaceutical vials needs … read more

Reverse Engineering Using 3D Scanning Provides Missing Link In Hot Stampings

The automotive sector relies on a multitude of manufacturing industries. Hot stamping is one of the most common processes in the race towards safer and lighter cars. It can be described as the process of transforming a thin, low-tensile-strength metal into high-strength steel through heat using a press and die … read more

New Comparison Platform Assists 3D Scanner Research and Selection

Aniwaa has announced the launch of its new 3D scanner comparison platform. The company goal is to assist professional users research, evaluate and purchase 3D capture equipment, and has built a comprehensive database devoted to 3D scanners. With this launch, Aniwaa confirms and expands its leadership on the product evaluation … read more

Metrology Solution Providers Merge Operations

USA based Aerobotix and Shape Fidelity have announced the finalization of a full stock merger of all their business operations. The companies have merged all assets, intellectual property, contracts, and people to strengthen the complexity of offerings to their cutting-edge customer base. Shape Fidelity offers highly-customized, precision metrology solutions ranging from medical implants … read more

German Machine Tool Industry Report Gloomy Results

Orders received by the German machine tool industry in the second quarter of 2020 were 46 per cent down on the same period last year. In the process orders from Germany fell by 36 per cent. 51 per cent fewer orders were received from abroad. In the first half of … read more

Japanese Machine Tool Orders Decline 32 Percent

The total value of Japanese machine tool orders in June 2020 was 67.19 billion yen, an increase of 31.1% compared to May 2020 and marked the first month of month-on-month growth in three months. However, this figure represented a decrease of 32.1% compared to the same month of 2019 and … read more