‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – April 6th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Renishaw Responds To The Ventilator Challenge

Renishaw, has started mass-producing critical components for medical ventilators, as part of a UK nationwide effort to support the National Health Service (NHS) in the fight against Covid-19. The company has dedicated a significant part of its manufacturing sites in Gloucestershire and South Wales to produce precision-machined components for two … read more

Be In CONTROL With Metrology News

Metrology News will be running a new section ‘BE IN CONTROL’ on its home page over the coming weeks dedicated to new products, innovations and announcements, that would have occurred had the international CONTROL Messe, scheduled for early May, not have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Metrology News has previewed this … read more

CMM Ensures Inspection Equipment Precision

The Italian company MG Marposs knows all about accuracy. Headquartered in the city of Brescia, it has been using ZEISS measuring machines for the past six years to guarantee the quality of the measuring equipment and master components sold to customers. Thanks to their extremely positive experiences with these coordinate … read more

Perceptron Paved Way For AI – 60 Years Too Soon


In July 1958, the U.S. Office of Naval Research unveiled a remarkable invention. An IBM 704 – a 5-ton computer the size of a room – was fed a series of punch cards. After 50 trials, the computer taught itself to distinguish cards marked on the left from cards marked on … read more

Connecting the World of Machinery Into Reality

The VDMA and VDW are joining forces to promote the use and dissemination of OPC UA standards throughout the mechanical engineering sector under the umati label (Universal Machine Technology Interface). “Cross-industry and cross-technology marketing will take our customers a significant step forward,” said Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the VDW … read more

Real-Time Improved Process Control For Flexible Packaging

ISRA VISION is now offers cutting-edge technology for continuous quality and process control of printed images, lamination, and coatings with its 100% inline inspection solution PrintSTAR. A medium-sized packaging producer is now using 100% verified and inspected quality, powered by ISRA, for applying cold seal adhesives to flexible packaging. The … read more

3D Line Confocal Sensors – Measuring The Impossible

Line confocal imaging (LCI) is a unique optical technology for metrology requiring resolutions down to 50 nm. In the past, confocal technology was limited to single point or multipoint sensors based on a coaxial design. With LCI, a major breakthrough is achieved using a novel off-axis confocal design that offers … read more

Hand Held Laser Scanner Reduces Scrap and Rework

The faucets from Swiss company, Franke Water Systems KWC, meet the standards of discerning customers. The quality team headed by Agim Emini ensures top quality with the ZEISS T-SCAN handheld laser scanner, which also accelerates processes, reduces costs and simplifies the documentation of measurement results. The massive metal jaws close and … read more

4D Inspec optical surface finish inspection

Mobile Optical Surface Inspection System

The 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is acclaimed the first handheld, precision instrument for non-contact surface defect measurement. With micrometer-level resolution, portability, affordability and ease-of-use, 4D InSpec puts high resolution measurement where it’s needed: on the factory floor, in machine shops and in field service applications. InSpec is a new mobile optical … read more

Flexible Mobile Industrial CT System Integrated Within Shipping Container

The serial inspection of large quantities of components in the processing industry can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively using CT inspection. Until now, however, the prerequisite for this has been the transport of the components to the inspection location, which is associated with a high cost and time expenditure … read more

Steering Specialist Invests in 3D Scanning Arm

Steering system specialist, UK based Pailton Engineering, based, has added to its quality assurance (QA) equipment with the addition of an Absolute Arm 7-axis with RS5 laser scanner manufactured by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. This articulated measuring arm offers tactile probing and surfacing scanning of steering parts, to generate a precise … read more

Automatic Inline Point Cloud Evaluation

With OptoInspect3D Inline large 3D data sets generated by optical measuring systems can be compared with their optimal reference geometries fast and automatically allowing validation of each measured part inline within the manufacturing chain. Since the different functions are provided as a library, they can be integrated flexibly into hardware … read more   read more

CMSC Conference Moved to 2021

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) has announced that its annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) has been cancelled and is being rescheduled for 2021. The organizers have stated that it wasn’t an easy decision but one they felt best for the safety, health, … read more