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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – April 27th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Precision 3D Laser & CT Scanning Bring “Big Data” Directly To The Top Floor From The Shop Floor

Industry 4.0 Through The “Eyes” Of Metrology Industry 4.0 – Big data – The Internet of Things (IoT) – We’ve all heard these phrases a hundred times in the last few years. What do they mean? How can they impact your business on a daily basis? Metrology company, Exact Metrology co-owners …read more

Enhanced 3D Dimensional Analysis & Quality Control Software Released

InnovMetric has introduced PolyWorks® MS 2020, the latest release of its 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution. PolyWorks MS 2020 offers multipiece editing capabilities that accelerate the preparation of robust inspection projects and facilitate data analysis. This new major release also extends the universality of its digitizing hub by …read more

3D Die Scanning & Design Productivity Software Tool Squeeze Sheet Metal Parts Time-to-Market

Forming Technologies (FTI), part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, has announced new virtual manufacturing capabilities that improve productivity setting up sheet metal process simulation with CAD design interoperability and Hexagon 3D scanning. FTI’s FormingSuite software helps manufacturers to evaluate the cost of tooling and material in sheet metal processes, assess the feasibility of …read more

CT Scan Breaths Life Into COVID-19 Ventilator Project

When the employees of Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, heard their services were considered “essential” to critical industries such as aviation, automotive and telecommunications, and that they would be coming in to work during the COVID-19 crisis, they were concerned. But when the opportunity arose for them to help …read more

Coordinate Measuring Machine Substantiates Quality

Karl Reim Werkzeugbau GmbH is well known for the exceptional quality of its mechanical components. Now the company’s two managing directors want proof of this in order to turn their reduced reject rates into faster delivery times and to bring production steps back under the company’s own control. The proposal …read more

Overcoming AM Metrology Bottlenecks

Author: Eric Felkel Product Manager Optical Profilers, Zygo Corporation Undoubtedly there are many benefits associated with the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) as a production technology. Across industries, manufacturers exploit the fact that through the use of Additive Manufacturing they can not only build complex parts, in one piece, which were previously …read more

Starrett Introduces New Optical Comparators Digital Readout Systems

Starrett is now offering the new MetLogix Mx200 Digital Readouts (DRO) for its broad line of Optical Comparators. Fully featured and simple to use, the DROs combine an intuitive user experience with current touchscreen conventions and a wide range of functionality. The Mx200 is a shop-hardened DRO. A sealed rubber keypad …read more

Vision Engineering Wins Queen’s Award For Enterprise 2020

Vision Engineering, a 61 year old British leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality visual inspection and measurement technologies, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020 in the Innovation category, for its high tech ergonomic optical inspection microscope Lynx EVO. The Queens Award for Innovation recognizes exceptional achievement by UK …read more

What’s new in Mountains 8.1?

Mountains 8.1 surface analysis software is on the horizon and due to be released late spring 2020. This latest version makes forthcoming ISO 21920 profile parameters available, improves display and analysis of multi-channel files, in particular those obtained using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and adds new tools for force curve …read more

XY Translation Stage Provides μCT Direct Center of Rotation

A new XY motorized translation sample stage, from CactuX, has been released for μCT stations. The quick and easy sample mounting and motorized movement is controlled wirelessly from outside of the CT cabinet. Offering 100 mm travel in both X and Y axes with a total area of 220 mm …read more

Optical Metrology System Improves Alignment of Military Vehicle Performance

Generally, the problem arises in the modern light armored tracked vehicles which travel at fast speeds, it is essential that the track drive shaft bearings are in good alignment condition and the track suspension rollers are parallel to each other and which are aligned square to the drive axis. Failure …read more

Heavy Duty Encoders Set The Heart Racing

In Europe’s biggest roller coaster, the Helix at the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, POG 10 HeavyDuty incremental encoders from Baumer monitor the speed of the carriage’s drive as it approaches the start ramp. The Heavy Duty technology guarantees high reliability and precision under extreme environmental conditions – serving up …read more