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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – April 19th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Fast Dual Sensor Optical Shaft Inspector Launched

Mitutoyo has introduced a new product, the Roundtracer Flash. This non-contact measuring unit is expected to deliver even more speed and versatility to the Mitutoyo form measurement line. The Roundtracer Flash optical measuring unit is based on side-by-side two-dimensional image architecture. Due to this, the images are acquired by different sensors … read more

InnovMetric Releases PolyWorks Metrology Suite 2021

InnovMetric has announced the launch of PolyWorks MS 2021, the latest release of its 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution. PolyWorks MS 2021 delivers powerful curved surface analysis tools, transforms the measurement operator experience, and facilitates the deployment of PolyWorks|Inspector™ as a standard offline CNC CMM sequencing solution. PolyWorks MS … read more

A Vision of the 2030’s Shaped by Metrology

The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has run a Foresighting project to explore the implications of new technologies and trends which may change why and how we perform measurements in the future. Using a well-established set of tools to gather information on emerging trends, detailed input was collected from industry … read more

Data: The Digital Currency of the Future

Data is the currency of the future. But how can companies access the immense amounts of data from their machines in order to modernize production? With StationConnector, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA have developed software that reads out the data and makes them available to … read more

Chromatic Confocal Sensor Provides Accurate Measurement of Challenging Materials

The HPS-CF series Chromatic Confocal Displacement Sensor is a non-contact displacement sensor with nanometer-scale accuracy. It is suitable for various high-precision measurement applications because it is not affected by the material, shape, colour and reflection of the object to be measured. Besides, it can achieve ultra-large angle measurement and coaxial … read more

GOM Announce Digital Launch of Scan 1

GOM has announced the upcoming launch of its new GOM Scan 1 fringe projection 3D scanning system. The GOM Scan 1 is a compact and mobile 3D scanner to digitally capture objects and achieve precise 3D meshes for applications such as 3D printing, reverse engineering and dimensional inspection … read more

At John Deere, ‘Hard Iron Meets Artificial Intelligence’

John Deere is leveraging Intel’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help solve a costly, age-old problem in the manufacturing welding process. Deere is piloting a solution that uses computer vision to automatically spot common defects in the automated welding process in its manufacturing facilities. “Welding is a complicated process … read more

Cogniac provides Doosan Bobcat with AI Visual Operations Intelligence Platform

Cogniac Corporation (Cogniac), provider of enterprise-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) image and video analysis, has partnered with Doosan Bobcat North America (Bobcat). Bobcat, a global compact equipment leader, is implementing Cogniac’s proprietary visual data processing platform within the manufacturing warehouse kitting inspection process … read more

A World of Data in Tablet Form

Where production experts used to inspect machines and check parts, tablets have now become the everyday tool to track processes and intervene if necessary. This is the world of the fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0. By connecting its operations with the latest in IT, and by digitalizing all its processes … read more

Seeing Through the Enigma with Computed Tomography

Recently several German media outlets published the information about seven ENIGMA cipher machines from the Second World War which were accidentally found by divers in the Baltic Sea. In a newly founded cooperation between the Archaeological Office of Schleswig-Holstein and Fraunhofer IMTE, the machines are analyzed, digitally archived and prepared … read more

Automatic Inspection Smart Sensor Offers True 3D Image Evaluation

An new 3D vision system now makes inspecting parts in 3D as easy as using a 2D smart camera claims sensor manufacturer Cognex. “While optical inspection in 3D previously required a great deal of programming but offered few benefits, Cognex’s new technology brings better image quality, simplified application development … read more

3D Optical Metrology Performs Critical Role in Micro Molding Parts

Accumold, a world leader in high-volume precision micro molding, has a reputation for innovation and exceeding customer expectations. The company operates in an environment where part dimensions are sometimes minute, tolerances are always exacting, geometric complexity can be mind-boggling, and customer expectations are for zero failure rates and peerless repeatability … read more

AI Predicts Abnormalities in Aluminum Die Casting Products

To support their goal of manufacturing quality parts, Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens have cooperated to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict product abnormalities in aluminum die casting, a key process in automotive air conditioning compressor production. The development is one of the world’s first to use defect prediction AI … read more

Hyperbat Accelerates Industry 4.0 with World First 5G Virtual 3D Engineering Model

Hyperbat, one of the UK’s largest independent vehicle battery manufacturers based at Unipart Manufacturing in Coventry, is using the latest 5G enabled technology to significantly speed up the manufacturing process for hybrid and electric vehicle production in the UK. Partnering with BT, Ericsson and NVIDIA, Hyperbat is set to benefit from a world first 5G … read more

Automated Robotic Inspection of Heat Exchangers

The DAIKEN Industries plant in Pilsen, Czech Republic, produces over two million air conditioning units per year. A lack of manpower and attempts to minimize human errors are reasons why DAIKIN focuses on process automation in their production plans fulfillment, with continuous attention to high product quality … read more

Scaling Artificial Intelligence For Data Privacy in Production

The BMW Group is publishing an anonymisation solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) that can anonymise objects in photos and videos. Building on the BMW labelling tool Lite, these algorithms enable targeted protection of relevant information: The user-friendly software tool uses AI to block out or blur objects or … read more

Europe’s Most Advanced AM Service Provider Created

The BEAMIT Group has acquired 3T Additive Manufacturing from AM GLOBAL, creating one of the most integrated and advanced additive manufacturing service providers in the world. In 2019, Sandvik acquired a significant stake in the BEAMIT Group, establishing a strong industrial partnership with leading capabilities across the AM value chain … read more

Nikon Acquire Majority Ownership of Morf3D

Nikon Corporation (Nikon) has acquired majority ownership of Morf3D Inc. , a metal additive manufacturing (AM) company specializing in AM and engineering for the aerospace, space and defense industries, for an undisclosed amount. Nikon has more than a century of cutting-edge technology and manufactures some of the most precise equipment in … read more