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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – April 12th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Industrial Sound Analysis Delivers Automated Quality Control

Many companies do not have the confidence to try out artificial intelligence models. As a result, they have a wealth of untapped potential for quality control. The new IDMT-ISAAC software now makes it possible for users without any expert knowledge of AI to also benefit from artificial intelligence applications … read more

How 3D Laser Scanning Is Speeding Up Reverse Engineering

Fictiv Reverse engineering once was a complicated process that required hours of disassembly, detailed measurements, and the painstaking process of examining each part and piece of a product. Today, the reverse engineering process is moving into the fast lane thanks … read more

Optical CMM Adds 360-Degree Multi-Surface Measurement Capability

Measurement specialist Keyence has further enhanced its market-leading dimension measurement system range which delivers all the benefits of the acclaimed IM-7000 series but with even greater speed, accuracy and ease of use. Boasting a rotary unit allowing 360-degree multi-surface measurement capability for both turned and machined parts … read more

Using White-Light Interferometry as a Flexible and Robust Measuring Method

Tools used in machining are expensive, and therefore need to be optimally utilized to achieve a high degree of profitability and all that without endangering the workpiece. It is also critical to monitor the tool wear, especially when machining workpieces made of gray cast iron or highly heat-resistant cast steel … read more

ROBOTAG Focuses on Robotic Aerospace Inspection

Strict requirements from the aerospace industry necessitated the development of a robot mounted optical inspection system by Mitutoyo, capable of imaging defects in critical components Mitutoyo’s Technology Solutions Group has developed the non-contact quality assurance device. Labeled as ROBOTAG, the solution combines Mitutoyo’s Tunable Acoustic Gradient Index of Refraction Lens … read more

Deep Learning Software Recognizes Component Discrepancies From Target Dimensions

Quality control is key to the manufacturing industry. Does a physical component fail to meet the requirements specified in the CAD data? Until now, employees have carried out visual inspections to find out. Researchers at Fraunhofer IGD are now developing a much more precise alternative using developed MARQUIS software … read more

Cognex Introduces Edge Intelligence Platform

The expansion of Industry 4.0 through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) focuses on improving industrial and manufacturing operations by collecting and analyzing data from a wide range of sensors on production lines. This information enables factories to generate and implement valuable efficiency enhancements. Typically, data generated by IIoT sensors transmits … read more

HDR Scanning Sensor Delivers 45K Profiles per Second

Teledyne Imaging, a Teledyne Technologies company and leader in machine vision technology, recently launched its Z-Trak2 family of 3D profile sensors. Built on Teledyne Imaging’s 3D image sensor technology, Z-Trak2 ushers in a new era of 5GigE 3D profile sensors for high-speed, in-line 3D applications … read more

nTelligence AI Software Enables Rapid Inspection of Complex Surfaces

Nanotronics, developer of advanced robotic industrial microscopes that combines AI, automation, and sophisticated imaging for industrial inspection, has recently announced the release of its fourth generation of artificial intelligence software, nTelligence. The new innovations include broad improvements to the nSpec platform by adding two new AI models with improved performance and … read more

Computed Tomography Measures Tighter Tolerances

Plastic injection molding continues to become more and more sophisticated with part tolerances becoming tighter and tighter. Initially, tight tolerance was defined as +/-.002 inches (0.0508 mm) and a very tight tolerance is +/-.001 inches (0.0254 mm) But today there are many factors that impact tight tolerance including part complexity … read more