Metrologic Updates X4 As Part of Industry 4.0 Deployment Strategy

Metrologic Group, a leading provider of advanced universal 3D metrology software solutions, is releasing its version 8, built on the powerful X4 architecture. This newest version includes improved performance and added capabilities that further set apart the X4 universal 3D measurement platform as the most universal software suite in the quality inspection industry. Built on over 35 years of experience, Metrologic has incorporated users’ feedback to achieve an even more efficient overall solution in this new release.

In the latest release Metrologic has focused on point cloud capabilities, GD&T standard support, DMIS engine, 3D display performances, reporting analysis, robotic measurements, offline planning, simulation and programing, as well as enhanced ergonomics.  Metrologic has also added to an existing long list of over 100 direct device interfaces; the newly added devices include new robot interfaces, CMM and new optical scanners interfaces.

Positioned as the most reliable and universal 3D inspection solution available today Metrologic state that they are making sure their innovation-based developments keep improving customer processes with their existing technology and remain fully compatible with all the new devices introduced on to the market.
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