Metrologic Support New Leica AT403 Laser Tracker

Metrologic Group has announced it is among the first to integrate the new Leica AT403 laser tracker from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has just unveiled the New Leica Absolute Tracker AT403, New all-in-one large-volume laser tracker system setting a new standard for portability, simplicity, robustness and measurement efficiency. Continuously striving to integrate the latest technologies, Metrolog X4 and Metrolog EVO (Built V7 SP1 for these two product lines) are already compatible and include all existing functionalities offered by this this new device.

Metrologic Group’s focus on innovation is complemented by a resourceful reactivity to release -at the earliest- the newest measurement means for its highly demanding customers to enjoy.

“We wanted to support the new AT403 trackers upon release. Taking advantage of the latest LMF Leica communication protocol based on proven characteristics, we are now able to support this new generation of portable products,” says Bertrand Gili, President of Metrologic Group. “Metrolog X4, our universal 3D measurement solution, offers compatibility with the widest range of laser trackers. We work hard to offering our customers the opportunity to choose the most suitable equipment to meet their needs, as soon as they become available. We take pride in being innovation-driven and quick to adapt to the full benefit of our customers.

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