Metrologic Restructures Metrolog X4 Performance And Affordability

French metrology software developer Metrologic Group has an annual turnover of over EUR 45 million with offices and resellers located throughout the world. With thousands of licenses of the latest Metrolog X4 software in daily use, throughout all major manufacturing industries, Metrologic Group was acquired by Sandvik Group in 2018, for over EUR 360 million, a record acquisition within the metrology sector.

Metrologic believe, that in recent years, there has been a market perception that its Metrolog X4 software has been expensive, both to purchase and maintain, as many lower priced metrology software solutions exist. This is particularly the case for those software’s offered directly by measuring device manufacturers, even though most do not offer the vast array of functionalities and flexibility of Metrolog X4. Metrologic can interface directly to the vast array of installed CNC CMM’s, portable measuring devices, laser trackers, scanning systems and industrial robot measuring cells. Other software solutions either require specific interface requirements, specific hardware configurations or hardware upgrades or cannot be interfaced.

Now, following the Sandvik acquisition of the Metrologic Group, the company aims to dispel the perception with the introduction of a completely new licensing models. In its simplest form, there are now only 2 versions of Metrolog X4 software available – ‘Essential’ and ‘Expert’. The only difference between the two versions is that with X4 ‘Expert’ the user can deal with highly complex measurement requirements with access to advanced programming commands such as using variables, high level language, conditional statements, etc. in essence, those functions only required on the most extreme of CMM programming needs.

For most cases, X4 ‘Essential’ will cover all bases as it includes as standard a complete GD&T engine with advanced multi-feature and composite tolerances, Metrologic’s renowned reporting and report editing module, multiple data import and export formats, all types of alignment from basic 3-2-1 to the most advanced best fit analysis, and STEP and IGES CAD import. Previously many of these functions required the purchase as extra-cost options.

The Metrologic philosophy has also changed with respect to device interfaces. Unlike a CMM, which is acquired and used typically for 20 years or more, organizations are now investing-in and upgrading to the latest portable metrology much more regularly. In the future when a Metrlog X4 portable device customer every portable device interface is supplied as standard. If the device is exchanged or upgraded, the software can continue to operate with the new device at no additional cost. All functionalities commonly associated with portable devices are also now included, such as bundle adjustments, build/inspect, leapfrog, etc.

With the new product strategy, the first year of support and updates are included, and the user is provided several options when it comes to ongoing maintenance and support after the first year including a ‘Yearly Usage Right’ similar to that employed by many CAD software’s.

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