Metrologic Release New X4 Metrology Software Platform Version

Metrologic Group has released a new version of its X4 metrology software platform which has been enhanced with a special attention to users’ experience.

Among almost 30 new functionalities included in the new release of Metrolog X4 and Silma X4 include an in-depth 3D measurement experience by displaying a wider 3D view window that includes the toolbars, result table, counter dialog and digital read-out as transparent layers over the main view. This new interface allows for a more convenient and intuitive analysis of the part and result data with an immersive integration to the 3D world.

In the result analysis phase, Metrolog X4 now also shows green, red or orange status indicators directly in the result table as well as feature stickers and result reports.  Users receive an immediate reading and interpretation of the state (in tolerance or out of tolerance) and can categorize very quickly the feature.

Other functionalities of the latest v9 release offer specific enhancements for point cloud analysis and robot automation as well as traditional and portable CMMs.

Enhanced point cloud feature extraction algorithms and better management of optical sensor high frequencies acquisition have been added along with management of additional robot and positioner axes and support for the Zeiss Eagle Eye optical sensor and continuous motion wrist.

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