Metrolog and Silma X4 V12 Released

Metrologic Group has released Version 12 of its X4 software platform. With over 30 new major functionalities, the new versions of Metrolog and Silma X4 metrology software’s improve the user experience and drive value across every stage of the 3D inspection process.

New software functionalities include:

  • Metrolog X4: 5-axis measurement
    • For customers looking at adding capabilities to existing CMM machines using Renishaw’s 5 axis REVO or PH20 probes, X4 now supports complex 5-axis measurement execution.
  • Metrolog X4: Additional device type and interface integration
    • Hexagon’s latest Leica ATS600 scanning laser tracker is fully supported, including advanced functionality to easily scan any features and surfaces.
    • Pantec DCC CMM controller integration with Kreon optical laser line scanner direct interface.
    • DCC Hexagon CMM controller integration with optical HPL laser line scanner direct interface.
    • Robot Universal Robot Integration of the latest e-Series.
  • Silma X4: Optimized Path Planning Module for Robot
    • Addressing fully automated Robot trajectory and path creator, optimized and collision-free, based on existing features to be measured and existing workcell and environment especially adapted to Laser Radar and Laser Tracker-based measurement systems.
  • Silma X4: Improved Path Planning Module for CMM
    • Trajectory and path creator, optimized and collision-free, allowing automatic association of probe orientation to targeted feature.
  • Silma X4: Digital Twin capabilities
    • A true virtual Twin simulation of CMM / Robot / Sensor real advanced behavior in a digital world. Users can simulate sensor visibility when tracked according to the device OEM specifications and simulate point cloud acquisition visibility.

In addition to enhancements for point cloud acquisition, robot automation and traditional fixed and portable CMMs, additional device interfaces have been added for Zeiss CMM-OS, Creaform, Nikon-Metris, Wenzel, FANUC, Hexagon and Robots.  Other tools available in the new release include: probes, features (Generation improvements, Advanced Part detection module, Gear module, Inspection Path Planning module), workcell (Off-line Point Cloud improvements and a new rendering mode in detailed view).

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