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Measuring to Meters not Microns becomes The New Standard

With social distancing being enacted globally to aid in reducing the spread of COVID-19 the new 2m rule has been put in place.

2m is deemed by experts as a safe social distance in which to engage with others.

After chasing microns for most of our lives measuring to meters is not something that most metrologists can easily be associate with. BUT – we must all adhere immediately to the new social distancing guidelines if we are to win the war against Coronavirus.

Why should we follow measures that seem so extreme? The answer is simple. Social distancing works. It reduces transmission of the virus effectively and lessens the impact on already stretched healthcare services globally.

The following is from Dr Robin Thompson, Junior Research Fellow in Mathematical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford:

To illustrate the point, consider the effect that a social distancing strategy can have. Without these measures, an individual with COVID-19 can be expected to infect around three others over the course of their infection.

One “generation” of infection takes around one week. So after one week, one infected individual will have become four infected individuals (the original infected, plus the three individuals they have infected).

After a further week, each of the three new infected individuals can be expected to cause three new infections, leading to 13 infections in total.

This compounding effect continues, so that after six weeks the initial infected individual will have started a chain of transmission that has led to over one thousand infections.

In contrast, however, if everyone in the population reduces their contacts by one third, then each infected individual will only infect two others over the course of their infection. This means that after one week, there will be three infected individuals in total.

So the more distance we keep the less the spread of COVID-19.

Stay safe everyone – see you on the other side of this…