MB Dynamics Announces Test Engineering Services

MB Dynamics,  with nearly 40 years in the design, manufacture and supply of vibration test systems and equipment, including buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR), steering, and suspension component test systems; modal exciters and amplifiers; automated calibration systems; dynamic controllers; and transducer calibration systems, have announced the availability of its fully dedicated engineering services.

MB Dynamics (MB) has introduced these industry-exclusive services in direct response to a growing number of customer and industry requests in the diagnosis, troubleshooting and remediation of even the most demanding sound, noise and vibration testing, calibration, and related application challenges.

MB Dynamics engineering services can help customers to reduce measurement uncertainty; streamline and simplify test setups; cost-effectively perform non-routine tests, for which capital equipment purchases are otherwise non cost-justifiable; ensure conformance with industry test procedures and standards; reduce new engineering hire ‘learning curves’ and associated training time; design and implement effective predictive maintenance strategies to reduce equipment downtime; and extend the field service life of their MB equipment.

MB’s engineering services are divided into three main groups: test engineering services; field service; and test laboratory support. All are available under either an ad hoc or long-term flexible contractual arrangement, scopes of which may be custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer and facility. Services are currently available to new and existing end-users of MB products as primary, though further capability exists to support certain other industry instrumentation troubleshooting needs as available engineering resources allow.

Under a typical service scope, MB engineers can help to develop best practice test methods and procedures; plan and acquire field and road data (including RLDA and other vehicle dynamics studies); facilitate joint test projects; perform full in-house or in-field dynamic testing; interpret test results; provide in-house training; plan and execute design and product verification testing; enhance calibration protocols to reduce measurement uncertainty; troubleshoot, identify and contain root causes of unwanted vibration and noise; recommend and implement corrective actions; formulate and document lessons learned and best practices; draft statements of work and test requirements; develop meaningful specifications; recommend test equipment predictive maintenance strategies; customize test software; and assist with related test engineering challenges.

Typical test engineering services include structural dynamics research; environmental testing; experimental dynamics; test procedure development, auditing and implementation; modal testing; buzz squeak & rattle (S&R) evaluations; accelerometer and other vibration transducer calibrations; sound quality testing; and practical vibration troubleshooting. MB’s field services include onsite customer testing and data acquisition support, including the in-field diagnosis, troubleshooting and remediation of vibration, noise and dynamics problems. In addition, as an extension of MB’s standard product warranty, three unique levels of test laboratory services are available. Each offers a certain scope of supporting benefits, whether a customer’s requirements call for factory repairs, onsite visits, on-call applications engineering support, or annual re-certifications of accelerometer calibrations and in-laboratory instrumentation.

For more information:  www.mbdynamics.com