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May 2021 Metrology News Magazine

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The pandemic has been managed with data generated by governments around the globe and brought home the message that data is everything – without it we are just ‘walking in the dark’. Manufacturing has always been at the forefront of generating and acting upon data. Now with the advent of Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and the Digital Twin data takes on a new critical importance in driving manufacturing intelligence; the added component of Artificial Intelligence providing ever more sophisticated predictive analytics with which to manage manufacturing process control.

This month the Metrology News editorial focus was Big Data – its generation, analysis and utilization. The term Big Data defining the volume, velocity and variety of generated data with its presentation into actionable data.

May saw the continuation the emerging of business partnerships as company’s expand both product portfolio’s and market channels. Along-side these announcements we reported on further new product releases in the critical area of production metrology and the digitization of manufactured parts.

Featured topic articles in May included “More Transparent AI with Visual Analytics”, “Applying Digital Technology To Manufacturing”, “Model Based Enterprise as a Trigger to Digital Transformation” and “Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing”. Some 90 articles were published in the month and we highlight below in this month’s magazine selected published articles from the month. The complete library of May articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with suggested guest articles for publication – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

More Transparent AI With Visual Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides the tools to mine big data. Wherever it is applied, it helps make people’s jobs and lives easier. But users have to be able to understand and control the way AI works and the grounds for its decisions. To make sure this is so, Dr. Liu … read more

Dashboard Analyses Quality Data Highlighting Production Trends

A new web-based dashboard enabling the rapid analysis of global quality data has been launched by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division to help quality professionals easily identify trends in declining quality for parts and assemblies and investigate the issues relating to specific components, suppliers, projects, and locations. As quality-control processes at separate … read more

Siemens Selects Tangent Works to Democratize IoT Data Analytics for MindSphere

Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced a partnership with Tangent Works to deliver simple-to-use artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to get more value from IoT data. The new AI for Everybody solution integrates the power of Tangent Works InstantML technology into MindSphere, the industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens, to enable … read more

Applying Digital Technology to Manufacturing

For Audi, the secret to success is a commitment to using cutting-edge technology to build high-quality vehicles that deliver precision engineering, exceptional performance, and luxury. Audi auto manufacturing is very advanced with many production jobs, from spot welding to riveting, fully automated. But their ultimate goal is to create smart factories … read more

Visualization of Measurement Results With ECOCKPITS

EPROMI from ISRA Vision reveals links between process parameters and production output. EPROMI brings together data from various systems, analyses, and connects it in an intelligent manner. The software conducts a statistical analysis of the current and historical data available from a range of sources. Visualizing these results enables users … read more

Mioty IoT Solution Solves Wireless Data Package Transmission

The networking of objects in the Internet of Things IoT is becoming increasingly important, and demand for connected IoT devices is growing rapidly everywhere, from consumers to Industry 4.0. But until now, no suitable and reliable method of communication has been available for transferring many thousands of data packages at … read more

360-Degree Factory Analytics View to Improve Productivity

Zyter, Inc., a digital health and IoT-enablement platform, has announced the launch of Zyter Smart Factories, an end-to-end intelligent solution that connects factory floor machinery, workers, and building systems using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology devices on Zyter’s digital transformation platform. Zyter Smart Factories gives manufacturers a 360-degree view … read more

Model-Based Enterprise as a Trigger to Digital Transformation

The lack of digital continuity in modern industrial world breaks down silos and leads to considerable communication gaps between different departments. Despite the evident benefits, digitalization still extends over a small range of businesses, while the rest of companies, especially small ones, continue … read more

Ford Motor Company’s AI-enabled Assembly Line

Pioneering the next frontier of manufacturing through a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial robotics, Symbio Robotics, has announced its work with Ford Motor Company to deploy an AI-controlled robot at the automaker’s Livonia Transmission Plant. The robot is programmed and managed with Symbio’s robot-agnostic platform, SymbioDCS, to assemble transmissions … read more

ZEISS To Acquire Capture 3D

ZEISS plans to expand its national coverage in the US for its Industrial Quality & Research segment by acquiring Capture 3D. Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, Capture 3D is the leading US partner for GOM 3D non-contact measuring solutions. With this acquisition customers will benefit from a seamless integrated experience to … read more

No Buyer for Renishaw as Yet

According to an article published by Bloomberg Hexagon, Schneider Electric and Siemens have all decided against pursuing Renishaw. The article states that Renishaw is seeking commitments from any new owners on research and development spending as well as maintaining local, high-quality manufacturing and jobs. Renishaw spent 66.6 million pounds on … read more

Industrial Automation 6DoF Alignment Data Capture

INSPHERE Ltd has announced the launch of a flagship new product that will create a step change in the productivity of industrial automation and generate process data to unlock the potential of a wide array of digital manufacturing technologies. IONA comprises a network of sensors and software that can simultaneously capture … read more

Reconfigurable 3D Cobotic Metrology System Launches

Xtura AB has announced the selection of Inovo Robotics’ modular collaborative robot for its flexible and reconfigurable solution for automated high-precision part inspection, targeting users in automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering, and other applications. The Xtura GigaBot automated 3D metrology and quality inspection solution is equipped with an integrated GigaScan Photogrammetry 3D … read more

SMARTTECH3D and Verisurf Software Announce Solution Partnership

Verisurf Software has partnered with SMARTTECH3D to offer metrology customers, worldwide, comprehensive end-to-end solutions for 3D scan-to-print, quality inspection and reporting, and reverse engineering to intelligent CAD. Under the partnership agreement SMARTTECH3D will offer complete 3D scanning solutions including SMARTTECH3D scanners, Verisurf software, installation, training, and technical support services. SMARTTECH3D color … read more

API Announces Worldwide Mitutoyo Reseller Agreement

Automated Precision, Inc (API) and Mitutoyo Corporation have announced a partnership to distribute API’s portable dimensional metrology equipment throughout Mitutoyo’s worldwide network. Production times and tolerances continue to grow tighter for manufacturers around the world, and their need for precise, portable measurement hardware and software has increased to meet this demand. … read more

Progress Report – Standardization Roadmap For Additive Manufacturing

America Makes and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has announced the availability of a Gaps Progress Report tracking efforts by standards developing organizations (SDOs) and others to address the gaps identified in the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (version 2.0, June 2018), published by the America Makes and ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC) … read more

Cross-Platform High-Performance Portable Arm and Laser Tracker Blue Laser Scanner Launched

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the launch of a ground-breaking new laser scanner. The Absolute Scanner AS1 pairs best-in-class accuracy and data quality with an automation-capable data collection speed of 1.2 million points per second and first-of-its-kind interoperability between portable arm and laser tracker systems. The AS1 is the ideal … read more

Measuring Cell Ensures Reliable Automated Aircraft Component Production

For the final assembly of the door frames, Airbus supplier Premium AEROTEC (PAG) required automated, reliable quality assurance for the measurement of components in final production at its Varel, Germany site. The components are required for door assembly in various aircraft types. The goal was to plan and implement a fully … read more

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